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Brig Niagara Returns To Put-in-Bay

The Brig Niagara makes her homeport in Erie Pa and is a replica of the relief ship of Colonol Oliver Hazzard Perry. His famous words, “We have met the enemy, and they are ours,” marked a turn in the War of 1812 and control of the Great  Lakes.

Brig Niagara Will Dock Downtown Put-in-Bay

The Brig Niagara will be positioned in the Put-in-Bay downtown docks next to the Jet Express Ferry. Tours will be offered from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Niagara was built from 1812 to 1813 to protect the northern American coastline on Lake Erie from the British. She played and pivotal role in the battle for the lake. Like most warships that served in the war, Niagara was sunk for preservation on Presque Isle in 1820. Raised in 1913, it was restored for the centennial of the Battle of Lake Erie. After deteriorating, the restoration of Niagara was started again in the 1930s, but was hampered by the lack of funds caused by the Great Depression and remained uncompleted until 1963. A more extensive restoration was carried out in 1988 in which much of the original ship was largely destroyed Put-in-Bay Hotels will be booked early for this event.

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