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News May 2021

Put-in-Bay News May 2021 You Surely Don’t Want to Miss This! Chan Stevens purchased his classic island home just east of Perry’s Monument more than 40 years ago. Now it’s time to say goodbye and he and his wife Boo have decided to help out the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society by having a sale of many of the contents on Friday, May 21st, and Saturday, May 22nd. A portion of the sales will go to fund the museum. Hours of the sale on both days will be 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The number of people will be limited to about 30 at one time, so there will be a signup sheet at the door to reserve and save you time to get in. Among the items for sale will be miscellaneous furniture and appliances, wicker furniture, island memorabilia, framed photos, lamps, nautical items, ship lanterns, artwork, beds, pots and pans, dishes, garden equipment, tools, and more. There will even be a Put-in-Bay golf cart for sale. The Lake Erie Islands Historical Society will not be responsible for accidents, [...]

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Put-in-Bay Sinking

Put-in-Bay Sinking - 2 New Studies Conclude South Bass Island Sinking Into Lake Erie For the last 5 years or so, Put-in-Bay residents have battled high water levels that have wreaked havoc on local roads, marinas & docks and caused hundreds of dreds of thousands of dollars in damages. The high water levels at Put-in-Bay had long been attributed to the water levels of Lake Erie and North Easterly's strong winds forcing water into the Western Basin. These water levels on occasion have actually divided the island into two parcels separated by water. Local Ferry boat operators were forced to construct new sea walls, and elevate walkways to allow safe passage on and off the boats. Waterfront businesses often found water creeping into their dining areas and sandbags, pumps, and daily clean-up efforts became the norm. Local public docks were often underwater resulting in a dangerous combination with shore power electrical cords and difficult docking. Ferry Boat operators have had numerous difficulties getting passengers on and off the island safely and without having to wade thru knee-deep water at times. [...]

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Covid-19 Vaccine

Put-in-Bay Covid-19 Vaccine Shots  When it comes to the constraints of Covid, the chances of going back to a somewhat normal social life for many islanders are looking very good. Residents on Put-in-Bay and the other Bass Islands were extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to get the Covid-19 vaccine long before many others in the county, state, and country. Back in early January, the Ottawa County Health Department surprised everyone with a notice that island teachers, police, EMS personnel, volunteer firemen, and a few essential ferryboat people would be given their first Covid-19 Vaccine shots the next day on the island. Those vaccinated were told to come back a month later for the second Covid-19 Vaccine shot, but there was no word about when other islanders, especially seniors, would get their shots. Those following the news soon realized that the timetable for seniors getting shots was not going to be met, but there was one ray of hope when the Ottawa County Health Dept. announced that seniors could go online and sign up for the shots. There was [...]

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Germ Burn

Put-in-Bay Community To Celebrate Germ Burn While many Ohio communities are preparing for New Year's Eve, the residents of the small Lake Erie island known to many simply as Put-in-Bay will sacrifice a replica of the Corona Virus to the heavens. The "Germ Burn" will take place on December 29th in the area between the Boardwalk Restaurant and the A section of the city docks. The Germ Burn will start at 6 PM, where a specially constructed "Covid Ball" will be set ablaze. In years past, the tradition was to sacrifice a burning replica of a cow asking for the Ice Gods to bless the community with a strong coating of ice for winter ice fishing, a popular off-season pastime on the island. The burning of the "Covid Ball" is a way for residents to put the difficult 2020 season behind them and express hope for a better 2021 AND Good ice! The ceremony will be followed by fireworks, weather permitting.

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Dining At Put-in-Bay

Dining At Put-in-Bay is much more than grabbing a menu covered in vinyl and selecting an entree!  An appealing and delicious set of eclectic choices complements the wide range of standard American fare.  Five Peoples Choice spots include The Keys Waterfront, Pasquales, Reel Bar, The Boardwalk Upper Deck, and The Goat Soup & Whiskey. Dining At The Put-in-Bay Locals Favorites! At The Keys, one is immediately immersed in the total vacation concept: relaxing and colorful environment, stunning views of the Put-in-Bay harbor. The location has ample parking for your Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental and the occasional car. Pasquale's and Frosties are hands-down the spots for breakfast: scrambled egg quesadilla to a lobster omelet to the hefty Hot Mess and Eggs' Benedict. Reel Bar serves the best sliced deep-fried pickle and their sweet bourbon burger. Don’t miss the Upper Deck! Dining At Put-in-Bay would not be complete without a meal the Boardwalk Upper Deck you will enjoy the elevated view of Put-in-Bay while feasting on famous lobster bisque, Walleye & Perch Platter, or 10oz rib-eye steak with sauteed onions. The Goat Soup [...]

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Perrys Cave & Family Fun Center

Daily News 09/22/2020 9:45 AM Some say the best family fun at Put-in-Bay starts with a visit to Perrys Cave and Family Fun Center.  There are many pleasant activities and the center is conveniently located between the downtown dining and bar establishments and Miller Boat Line’s Lime Kiln Dock.  You can start with a tour of the historical cave that housed prisoners during the famous Lake Erie battle. Step up and try your hand at gemstone mining, learn about butterflies at the Butterfly House, or play a challenging game of mini-golf at the War of 18 Holes. Children and the kids-at-heart will enjoy entertaining activities and family fun!DanDees Snack shack located on-site offers visitors a place to while visiting in a lovely wooded location. Restroom and picnic areas are located on-site.

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