Put-in-Bay History:

Articles past and present of interest to those who wish to study or visit Put-in-Bay and see the island from a historical viewpoint.

Tin Goose Museum Proposed

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The Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation is on track with its proposal to build a complex honoring the famous Ford Tri-Motor, aka Tin Goose Museum, at the Port Clinton Airport. For many years, Ford Tri-Motors were the lifeline to the Lake Erie Islands from the mainland. Of the 199 planes built by Henry Ford between 1925 and 1933, [...]

Put-in-Bay Island

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The trip Put-in-Bay island people from the Bass Islands took to Mackinac Island accompanying the Put-in-Bay High School Panther Basketball Team was a fascinating delight because of the similarities and dissimilarities both islands’ residents share. Mackinac Island is located just off the Mackinac Bridge in northern Michigan. Like Put-in-Bay Island, it is a popular tourist destination. [...]

Put-in-Bay GPS

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It is my opinion GPS (Global Positioning System) is somewhere between being a lifesaver and the most annoying technological device ever created. I first encountered GPS in 2001 while visiting Japan. Our driver was using the GPS to get us to our meetings on time. The personality of this GPS device was a young Japanese woman. [...]

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