Put-in-Bay Boating

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Coast Guard Information about Put-in-Bay Boating. In last month’s Put-in-Bay Gazette I asked three questions about Put-in-Bay Boating: 1) What is “No Wake” speed? 2) While underway, who on board must wear a life vest? 3) Do you understand the Put-in-Bay Boating buoys and markers in and around Put-in-Bay Ohio? ANSWERS 1) When you pull into [...]

Put-in-Bay Docks Open

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Put-in-Bay Village Boat Docks opened to boaters June 21st- On Saturday, June 21st, after delay after delay, a portion of the Village’s Boat Docks were opened to the boating public. The outside wall facing Fox’s Dock (aka Jet Dock) immediately filled with boaters anxious to enjoy the perfect early-summer day. A portion of C-Dock inside the [...]

Put-in-Bay Sailing

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Put-in-Bay Sailing-Free Learn to Sail Clinic-The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club will again be putting on for the third year in a row a FREE Learn-to-Sail and/or Improve Your Learning Skills Sailing Clinic on Saturday, June 25th, at 9 a.m. (Please register at 8:30 a.m.). This is open to members and non-members, so just show up and bring [...]

Fishing Season Tragedy

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2014 spring Put-in-Bay fishing season marred by accident- Four people fishing reportedly from a small bass boat near Green and Rattlesnake Islands on Wednesday, April 16th, were reported missing shortly after midnight the next day when they failed to return to the launch ramp at Turtle Point Marina at Locust Point on the mainland west of [...]

Put-in-Bay Docks

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Put-in-Bay Docks project running behind schedule. but it will get done! Despite delays caused by the long, cold winter and the logistics and undertaking of a construction project on a small island; Put-in-Bay Mayor Ruth Scarpelli the new Put-in-Bay Docks in the village’s downtown municipal marina will be open by Memorial Day Weekend. “We’re going to [...]

Put-in-Bay Dock Project

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Put-in-Bay Docks are under reconstruction and Bargegate was the name some islanders coined for the ongoing saga of how the contractor redoing the villages docks this winter was going to get the huge cribs needed for the project from the mainland to Put-in-Bay. When the ice came in early, the cribs ended up on Miller’s Catawba [...]

Ice Fishing Best In Years

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Ice Fishing Best In Years In spite of the frigid temperatures, ice fishermen here at Put-in-Bay were having the most extraordinary Put-in-Bay ice fishing in years. The ice has remained solid; no freeze and thaw or ice in and out like in recent years. Once it came in, it stayed, and the fish were definitely hungry. [...]

Put-in-Bay Fishing

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In late December, as the early formed ice began to allow Put-in-Bay fishing, it was quite apparent something was different in the water. There were noticeable numbers of dying fish floundering near the ice’s surface and in many cases, coming up through the ice fishermen’s holes. They are so lethargic they can be easily caught with [...]

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