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Visitputinbay.org is pleased to bring you the most current Put-in-Bay Island News as well as an archive of memorable news stories over the last 20 years. These records were compiled from the Put-in-Bay Island News source the Gazette. You will find the news stories broken down into categories of particular interest for easy reading and can be sorted by date. More news stories are being added on a daily basis in this massive archive project. These stories often document significant events in Put-in-Bay History and the Lake Erie Islands area.

Put-in-Bay Visits Pelee Island

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The Lake Erie Islands International Consortium held its annual meeting on Pelee Island, Canada This years Pelee Island meeting was held on June 4-5. Representatives from three US islands -- South Bass, Middle Bass, and Kelleys – also attended. The group’s mission is to share ideas and work to preserve the islands’ natural beauty and past [...]

News June 2018

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Put-in-Bay News June 2018 News Stories & Notable Events Ottawa County Commissioners to meet at Put-in-Bay Topping the News June 2018 Put-in-Bay has invited the Ottawa County Commissioners, Mark Stahl, Jim Sass and president Mark Coppeler to a special meeting on July 9th. Often the commissioners have come to the island individually but rarely do they make [...]

South Bass Island in Lake Erie, Ohio

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South Bass Island, in Lake Erie, Ohio, is home to Put-in-Bay—the Midwest’s favorite island vacation destination. At a diminutive 3.7 miles long by 1.5 miles wide, South Bass Island is nonetheless brimming with attractions that draw over 750,000 visitors yearly. Read on—you’ll want to visit Put-in-Bay, too! Located only 3 miles from mainland Ohio, South Bass [...]

Put-in-Bay News May 2018

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Put-in-Bay Gazette News May 2018 BENCH DEDICATION FOR DANNY FRENCH News May 2018 Reports the bench that was donated by friends of Richard and Joan French in memory of their son, Danny French, will be dedicated by Deacon Mike Leahy at the Massie Cliffside Preserve on Sunday, May 13th at 4 p.m. The French Family is extremely [...]

Put-in-Bay News April 2018

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Put-in-Bay News April 2018 News April 2018 starts with the Earth Day 2018 celebration. On Sunday, April 22, the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy will hold an Earth Day walk at the Scheeff East Point Preserve. Meet in the parking lot at 10 a.m. to learn about spring arrivals of our summer resident purple martins and tree [...]

Put-in-Bay Bones

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Put-in-Bay Bones: A Follow Up On September 1st, 2017, while digging garage footers on a property off Conlon Road (south shore, South Bass Island) the bucket on his excavator exhumed human bones. Suddenly, this was not an ordinary day for Travis Kowalski at the controls of Fox Stone’s excavator. Travis had run power construction equipment for [...]

Winds And High Water Level Divides Put-in-Bay Island

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Winds and High Water separate Eastpoint from downtown Put-in-Bay. Note the red top of a fire hydrant in Photo. The winds and high water have surged to one of it's highest levels in recorded history and effectively dividing Put-in-Bay into two islands. After a widespread April Fools Joke the Put-in-Bay Tunnel went viral, Put-in-Bay Residents [...]

March 2018 Put-in-Bay News

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Put-in-Bay News for March 2018 Get ready to put your ATV away this summer! Put-in-Bay Island ATV owners will no longer be able to operate their vehicles on the island once a new ordinance is passed this spring. The new law will allow ATVs to be operated only from November 1st through April 30th. It also applies [...]

Put-in-Bay News Stories February 2018

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It may be Winter but there are plenty of Put-in-Bay News Stories to report this month! Join the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy at the Put-in-Bay Town Hall at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 6th, for a program on Who’s at Your Feeder? We will take a look at how to identify common birds that visit or stay on [...]

Funny Moped Crash

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Always Say YES To The Moped Training! Put-in-Bay Mopeds are one of the best ways to tour the island and "PROPERLY DRIVEN" they can be loads of fun. Recently a group of hearty young souls decided they wanted to become part of the Put-in-Bay moped "Biker Gang" and were insistent that they wanted no part whatsoever [...]

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