Put-in-Bay Garden Club:

Archived information about the efforts to maintain green space, nature preserves and the overall natural habitat of Put-in-Bay.

Garden Club August 2018

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Put-in-Bay Garden Club August 2018 News & Information Let’s begin with a HUGE thank you to Kathy Schrader and all who were involved in making this year’s Home and Garden tour such a wonderful event! On July 25, one hundred eighty participants enjoyed the tour of eight island properties and a beautiful lunch at the Crews [...]

Garden Club May 2018

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Put-in-Bay Garden Club May 2018 Spring has sprung at last! Time again to play outside and enjoy your gardens. It is also time to spruce up DeRivera Park with our beautiful lamppost baskets. We hope you will join the Garden Club May 2018 planting party on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 15th and 16th. We will meet [...]

Put-in-Bay Plant Sale

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The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy Tree and Put-in-Bay Plant sale. (LEIC) is now taking orders for native trees and plants for the islands. We are using Riverside Native Trees and Natives in Harmony for our native tree and plant sale. Buying and planting native trees and shrubs is a great way to provide quality habitat for [...]

Put-in-Bay Garden Club

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Spring is a busy time for the Put-in-Bay Garden Club at Put-in-Bay Ohio! April is a wonderful month to get outside and accomplish those garden chores. Early in the month, you can thin and prune summer and fall flowering shrubs, like Shrub Roses, Spirea and Rose of Sharon. Clean up the perennial beds in your landscape, [...]

Put-in-Bay Garden Club News October 2017

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The annual meeting of the Put-in-Bay Garden Club was held Thursday, September 7 at the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club. Participants in the September program created terrariums to take home and green up their winter abodes. The program was followed by a potluck dinner, after which all Committee Chairs and Board members gave their reports on the past [...]

Put-in-Bay Garden Club News July 2017

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Put-in-Bay Garden Club News July 2017. The mayflies have arrived with a vengeance, but Peggy and John Leopold and their crew of volunteers are doing their best to keep them at bay and save the DeRivera lamppost baskets. They have installed temporary netting over the baskets which they will remove once those pesky critters (the Mayflies, [...]

Put-in-Bay Garden Club

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Put-in-Bay Garden Club News The Put-in-Bay Garden Club lamppost baskets are blooming once again, thanks to the efforts of many dedicated volunteers who helped with the preparation and planting this year. Special thanks go to Mack McCann, Scott Market and Mike McCabe for providing the lifts needed for planting! Thanks also to so many Put-in-Bay Garden [...]

Put-in-Bay Arbor Day

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Put-in-Bay Arbor Day Observation to be observed April 28th in DeRivera Park. Once again, Put-in-Bay, Ohio, has been named a Tree City United States of America by the Arbor Day Foundation in honor of its commitment to the goals and principles of the Arbor Day Foundation. Put-in-Bay Arbor Day achieved Tree City USA recognition by meeting [...]

Put-in-Bay Green Week 2016

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Put-in-Bay Green week will be held on the Lake Erie Islands this summer and will make you remember what you loved most about the islands as a kid - water, rocks, cliffs, caves, kayaking, meteor showers, moss, moonlit nights, beach bonfires, cozy camping, swimming, beachcombing, cottaging with your family, ferry rides, staying the night at the [...]

Put-in-Bay Garden Club May 2016

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Garden Club News-Is there anything more beautiful than Spring on the island? The music of birds, the multiples shades of green enlivening the landscape, the fragrance of lilacs, and the delicate wildflowers poking their heads out from under their winter blankets. What a wonderful awakening for us all to witness! And who better than island naturalist [...]

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