Put in Bay Garden Club and The ‘Beach Boys,’ Craig Cox and Lee Krendl, trimmed the plantings from last year’s July Beach Project. The plants are still there and growing. Because of a grant received by the Put-in-Bay Village Council, the Beach project is moving
along and will be beautiful by 2013. The Put in Bay Garden Club will meet with and at the Lake Erie Island Nature Center on Saturday, May and  12, for the third annual Plant Exchange. Please bring your plants at 9 a.m. and stay for the joint meeting.

Master Gardener Peggy Leopold will speak about “Invasives in your Yard.” This is a timely topic, so please plan on attending. It is open to everyone. In addition, Sandy Glauser has another Master Gardener, Carol Ann Erford, from Toledo, who will be on hand to
answer any gardening, soil, planting, trimming, questions. On Thursday, May 17, the Lamppost Baskets will be planted in DeRivera Park. Everyone is welcome to help with this Put in Bay Garden Club event. It usually takes two hours and the work is completed.
Anyone who can walk and stand can help. We need people who will climb, carry water, drive a golf cart, distribute soil and just cheer the troops towards the goal. Thanks in advance, and usually there is a great lunch provided by the Recreation Committee for anyone who lends the slightest hand.

This is the third year for this project, and it has been a real success. The enhancement the flowers lend to DeRivera Park is wonderful. Thanks to all who help – Jody Frimel, Chan Stevens, Scott Market, Richard Gump, Todd Blumensaadt, Scott Jackson and the 30 to 40 volunteers who show up each year. Oh! And there’s good news. Garden Club received the 501(c)3 designation from the IRS.