Put-in-Bay Police Department

News and information about actions taken, and the policies of the Put in Bay Police Department, court cases, personnel matters and more. The Put-in-Bay Police provide police services on South Bass Island which encompasses both the Village of Put-in-Bay and the township. Coverage is also provided for Middle Bass Island. The Police Department consists of 3 to 4 full-time officers and in the busy summer season on the Lake Erie Islands, the force grows to over 40 officers. Mayors Court is held on Thursdays in and cases are also handled in Port Clinton by the Municipal Court System.

Put-in-Bay Police Department

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Put-in-Bay Police Department Update 03/02/2021 PUT-IN-BAY — Put-in-Bay’s mayor Jessica Dress will recommend acting police Chief James Kimble take over as the full-time police chief. Mayor Dress said she will bring the matter to council for a vote during Tuesday’s scheduled village council meeting. The village has been interviewing potential applicants for a little over a [...]

Safe Island Task Force

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Safe Island Task Force Reports to Property Owners On Saturday, August 17th, the Safe Island Task Force addressed nearly 50 members of the Put-in-Bay Property Owners’ Association regarding efforts of the Safe Island Task Force in dealing with the former Christmas in July weekend. While Brad Ohlemacher did not know which of those efforts was most [...]

Ice Rescue

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Almost 100 Saved In Ice Rescue From Lake Erie Multiple area first responders participated in an Ice Rescue that saved or provided assistance to almost 100 people trapped on deteriorating ice near Catawba Island State Park in Ohio's Lake Erie. The large group was ice fishing near shore when the ice began to break up creating [...]

Put in Bay Police Blotter

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With the cold of the winter months, we had time to peruse the police records and the following are just a few of the items found on the Put in Bay Police blotter here on the island last June. The Put in Bay Police blotter is public record and available for anyone to see. There are [...]

Boaters Rescued Off Put in Bay Ohio

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Boating Accident, 7 boaters rescued off Buckeye Reef- Put-in-Bay Oktoberfest was uneventful except for a boat that ran onto the reef off Buckeye near Put-in-Bay Five adults and two children were rescued after the U.S. Coast Guard detachment in Detroit received a call that a 28-foot boat was stranded on Buckeye Reef off the tip of East [...]

Skeletal Remains Buried

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PUT-IN-BAY, Ohio– The Bones & skeletal remains of three people who died on Put-in-Bay more than 100 years ago were laid to rest on Sunday, October 22nd, in Maple Leaf Cemetery. Their shallow grave was unearthed on September 1st during a construction project at the home of Toby and Stephanie Landreth at the end of Conlan [...]

Put-in-Bay Police Chief

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The Put-in-Bay Village Council met on Friday, February 17th and voted to approve a new Put-in-Bay Police Chief.  Mayor Mack McCann’s recommendation for Put-in-Bay Police Chief Steve Riddle was announced.  McCann reportedly had a few other applicants for the job and recommended Riddle. Steve Riddle, who retired from the State of Ohio after many years managing [...]

Put-in-Bay Policeman

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One of the best reasons for living in a small town is the opportunity to get to know the people that make it all work. This spring Steve Riddle, the Village of Put-in-Bay Police Chief, hired a Put-in-Bay Policeman from the Cleveland area to join our force. His experience and mentoring abilities made him a great [...]

Put-in-Bay Good News

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Put-in-Bay Good News! Snowbirds fare well after Rita! Many Put-in-Bay people have winter residences in Florida, and for the most part, everyone we’ve talked to came through the hurricane relatively unscathed. John Dodge and Bridget Wise and Glenn Cooper and Jackie Taylor who spend time in the Keys between Marathon and Key West where damage seemed [...]

Put-in-Bay Property Owners

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Members of the Put-in-Bay Property Owners Association met at the Senior Center.  The meeting was lead by President Jim Duffy from Squaw harbor who introduced the guest  speakers for the day, Mayor Mack McCann, Police Chief Steve Riddle, Township Trustee Chris Cooper and Patrick Myers from the Put-in-Bay Township Port Authority all who addressed the Put-in-Bay [...]

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