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 Island News April 2017 What You Might Have Missed!

Put-in-Bay Residents have been busy traveling these last few months. Marisa Rence from Hooligans was in Ireland.  Susan Market who operates Bayview Gifts & Apparel and Dockside at the Lime Kiln Dock, was in  Marrakesh, Morocco. Agnes and Dino Uszak were in the Caribbean with their daughter, Miyah. The  Miyo Hristovski family was also skiing in the Caribbean and later in Colorado.

Miyo turned 40 while on vacation  Superintendent Steve Poe and his wife Dawn were in Germany over the school break. Lily  Thompson from the Boathouse and Mark Lekanka from Miller Boat Line was in Belize. Chris and Heidi  Ladd did a “Circle Tour of the Carolinas” with their daughters, Nora and Macy. Over the winter, Mark Mathys was busy in Costa Rica with the Marlin Darlin Fishing Team competing in the Los Suenos World Billfish Tournament.

Flying the Big Ones! Aaron Wilson, Put-in-Bay High School Class of 1999, recently finished training in Atlanta to fly Boeing 767s.

Attention Put-in-Bay Property Owners Be sure to visit www.pibpoa.com/news, the Put-in-Bay Property Owners Association webpage, to see the recently posted One Island, One Government 2001 Study.

Ben Dover to Perform Mike Sweeney tells us Ben Dover & the Screamers will be back at Put-in-Bay Sunday afternoon May 21st at the Boathouse Bar to do a set to say thank you to those who attended the Alzheimer’s Benefit there last September

Very Expensive Pictures! Steven Nemec found two pictures taken of the ruins of Hotel Victory after it was destroyed by fire in 1919. The seller wanted $557. Ouch!

Facebook Quiz – Right or Wrong? Marie Schroeder, the cook at Hooligans Restaurant took a quiz on Facebook that was supposed to tell you which profession you were born to be. She was supposed to be a nun!

Even More Island News!

Get Your Captain’s License! If you want to obtain a Captain License to run a commercial vessel, Joe Poplstein is offering Captain’s Licence training classes this coming October from the 9th to the 20th. If you are interested in taking the classes, contact him at jpoplstein1@gmail.com .

The Island’s Meteorologist, Billy Market from Miller Boat Line, has been named the official “Put-in-Bay News Meteorologist” due to his astute ability to predict when the ferries will run and when they won’t run days ahead of time. Just sayin’.

Pancake Breakfast a Success Mark Wilhelm wants to thank everyone who supported the Put-in-Bay Fire Department Pancake Breakfasts this year! He says he would like to do a couple of events this year! The money the department raises will buy more equipment for our department. The fundraisers last year were used to buy an $8,000 thermal imaging camera and a used Fire Truck for $17,000! Pretty darn good for a small-town Fire Department! Thank you to all volunteer Firemen and Fire ladies who help raise the money to purchase this equipment!

Not in the top ten ranking In an internet survey of 341,000 bachelors and bachelorettes, Put-in-Bay did not rank in the Top Ten Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Destinations in the United States. Maybe we need to make more island news!

Finally! Members at Put-in-Bay Yacht Club have had several female Commodores in recent years, and this year it happened again with Debbie Larson. Rumor has it she will be looking for a man to become the club’s next Lady’s Auxiliary President. What’s fair for one is fair for all!

Truly a rare find! We follow Elizabeth Heineman’s Facebook page and love to see her photos of the beautiful birds she takes here at Put-in-Bay. We don’t think Elizabeth realized it, but our resident bird watcher and barn swallow specialist Paula Ziebarth reportedly identified a rare Albino Tundra Swan in one of her posts. You can’t even begin to count the number of those on your fingers!

Thank You, Marsha. A big thank you goes out to Marsha Parker for helping to keep the Put-in-Bay island parks clean. Marsha is
always out walking- and always picks up litter and garbage. Thanks to Marsha and the others who help the island litter-free.

Boardwalk Awarded! The Boardwalk Restaurant is excited that it was recently awarded as a must-see on Put-in-Bay by FlipKey of Trip Advisor.

Put-in-Bay News April 2017  is proud to report we ranked Among the Most Beautiful Lake Towns TripAdvisor in a recently published article entitled “8 Beautiful Little Lake Towns Across America.” Put-in-Bay made the exclusive list, featuring other lakeside communities from Maine to California and several other places. “The crystal blue waters of Lake Erie lure visitors to the shores of Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island,” the article stated.

Among the activities, the article recommends Kayaking: “Rent a kayak and paddle around the bay, cruising past the towering limestone cliffs of nearby Gibraltar Island.” • Relaxing: “When it’s time for a well-deserved rest, relax at the Put-in-Bay Resort or the Bay Lodging Resort and their crystal clear pools.”

Exploring Put-in-Bay: “Away from the water, the easiest way to get around in on a  Put-in-Bay golf cart. Rent one to explore the town or retreat to your waterfront home to relax.” The island news article also suggests eating at The Boardwalk and checking out the Lake Erie Islands Nature & Wildlife Center.

In Real Estate News Agent Anne Spettel is the newest real estate agent on Put-in-Bay. Licensed in Ohio and in Florida, she will be selling on the Lake Erie islands, plus in Naples, FL, because of her familiarity with both locations. If you are thinking of buying, selling, or investing in real estate, you may want to call her. See her ad in the Real Estate section of this issue.

You Know the Season Has Started! You know the 2017 season started when Delaware Golf Carts starts taking reservations on March 8th. Anyone wanting to rent a cart can visit their website by clicking the link above!


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