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Put-in-Bay life is an assortment of stories and informative articles about life on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. Stories highlight the challenges and wonderful Put-in-Bay life experiences shared by islanders who call the island home both seasonal and full time. Many stories are from the Lake Erie Islands first newspaper  Put-in-Bay News-Gazette and include some dated as far back as 20 years ago and make for interesting reading about the History of Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay Books

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Fifteen Years and Ten Put-in-Bay Books Later Bob Adamov continues cranking them out Thank you Put-in-Bay fans for supporting his writing dream! If you are looking for a way to pass this brutally cold winter, grab one of his books and read yourself right back to a summer day at Put-in-Bay Ohio! On October 19, 2002 [...]

Put-in-Bay Railroad

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Island railroad tracks pulled up, headed for new home in Findlay, Ohio Islanders will recall the quarter-scale train Skip and Sharon Duggan had on their property out by the South Bass Island Lighthouse. The locomotive and cars were capable of pulling loads of kids around on the tracks Skip, Rob Mohn and another fellow laid in Duggan’s [...]

Airline Service Becomes Lifeline to Put-in-Bay Ohio

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With Loss of Ferry Service, Griffing Airlines Becomes Put-in-Bay's Winter Lifeline for The Islanders With the recent stoppage of the Put-in-Bay Ferry Service, several hundred islanders living on South Bass Island known to most as Put-in-Bay, Ohio must now rely on an island airline transportation company for supplies including prescriptions, perishable food goods and even the US Mail. [...]

Put-in-Bay Reverse Raffle

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Another annual Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce Reverse Raffle is over, and the ghost of the last Godfather of Cleveland, John Scalish, was probably laughing himself silly as he watched emcees Ray Fogg and Duff Spatafore doing their Italian imitations at this year’s raffle. Ray’s version of an Italian mob wise guy wasn’t bad considering Fogg probably [...]

Put-in-Bay Ferry Boat

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April carries the dream of summer and is the hinge between seasons. Most importantly the Put-in-Bay Ferry Boat starts running in April. Put-in-Bay Ferry Boat Captain Glenn Cooper has been operating the Middle Bass run for 36 years. It is estimated that he has over 66,000 hours as captain. He has been with the Put-in-Bay Ferry [...]

Put-in-Bay Island Girl

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“10 Ways being a Put-in-Bay Island Girl ruins you for Life” By Christine L. Ontko With nature trails through the woods and along the shores of Lake Erie, calm ferry rides, and breathtaking views from the top of Put-in-Bay Perry’s Monument, The Lake Erie Islands are unique and special.Not only are the best things to do [...]

Haunted Spirits At Put-in-Bay!

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A new book, entitled Haunted Spirits in Put-in-Bay, was recently released at a launch party on Saturday, May 27th at Topsy Turvey’s. The author, William G. Krejci, signed copies, which were available for $19.95. The book received a worldwide release on Memorial Day and is now available everywhere for purchase. Haunted Spirits Put-in-Bay tells the stories [...]

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