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Put-in-Bay Rocks is a Facebook page that many Islanders know about. What you do is paint a rock and then write on the back. You write, “Go to Facebook and find the page Put-in-Bay rocks. Then take a picture of me, post it, the last re-hide.” I go up to my grandma’s house, paint rocks, and hide them all over. Ever since we were old enough to hold a paintbrush, Grandma would let us paint rocks. My grandma told me that they had been painting rocks for seventeen years; back then, Put-in-Bay Rocks weren’t a thing. But now that it is, we have been hiding tons of stones.

One time while hiding the rocks, I found one. Except this McKenna Stacy one was different. On the back of this one, it said Put-in-Bay Ohio rocks. My grandma and I searched for it on Facebook and found it! My favorite part of this painting rock idea is when I see my rock found by someone I know or a tourist. I also love reading the comments left on the picture. It is fantastic to see who found it and where they are from. I painted several different rocks; only one was posted, but more than one was found. I hope that people don’t take the rocks as souvenirs, then they aren’t keeping the rocks in the game.

I think it would be cool to see one go from Put-in-Bay to somewhere across the world. It would be awesome if this little Put-in-Bay Rocks rock thing could turn into worldwide rock hiding. It would be so much fun! Finding a rock could be so cool, and it was written in a different language. (All I would have to do is find my brother Matthew and ask him what it says, he loves languages and learning about them!)

Put-in-Bay Rocks is an amusing thing for Islanders and tourists. This is a great way to see how far away some people travel to get to Put-in-Bay. Put-in-Bay rocks are a fun way to get the Islanders involved in activities! When I ride around the island, I look for rock hiding spots. It is so exciting going home and painting a rock and hiding it in the spot that you found earlier. Seeing what rocks pop up on the Facebook page is so fun. I love seeing the rocks that other people paint. All of the rocks are amazing! I think that it is incredible to see tourists bring rocks here to hide.

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