Perry’s Birthday Celebration

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A weekend-long celebration of the 234th Anniversary of Oliver Hazard Perry’s birthday on August 23, 1785, and the 200th Anniversary of his death at 34 on August 23, 1819.  A reenactment of the Hero of Lake Erie will take place as he discusses his life from the time he became a midshipman at age 13 to his victory over [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary February 2017

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Put-in-Bay Diary-Feb. 1st - February starts with snow on the ground and open water around the islands. Put-in-Bay Diary-Feb. 2nd - The Village of Put-in-Bay has a Streets and Safety Committee meeting at the Town Hall in the morning to discuss various issues, one of which is whether or not a non-commissioned chief of police who [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary May 2017

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Put-in-Bay Diary May 1st, 2017 - There’s rain before breakfast. The Put-in-Bay Village Council meets at 9 a.m. Put-in-Bay Diary  May 2nd, 2017 - There’s a strong west wind blowing 30-35 mph since 5 a.m. and the last boat to Put-in-Bay is canceled. Put-in-Bay Diary  May 3rd, 2017 - Christie Ontko is substitute teaching at Put-in-Bay [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary March 2017

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Put-in-Bay Diary March 2017-Events and happenings in the Island! Put-in-Bay Diary- Wed March 1st - There is an Ash Wednesday service at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in the morning. Dale Burris has the North Bass boat “Cold Duck” is in the water. 50+ mile per hour winds brings down a tree in Don and Rosi Stephens [...]

Island News April 2017

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(Second Edition) Island News For The Month Of April 2017 BIRTHS- Skyler Stoiber Congratulations to Ryan and Jennifer Stoiber on the birth of a 7.7 lb. daughter, Skyler Kensy, on March 3rd at Firelands Hospital in Sandusky. Ryan is co-owner of the Put-in-Bay Frosty Bar and Jennifer is a podiatrist for the VA in Sandusky. Put-in-Bay [...]

Put-in-Bay News June 2017

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Put-in-Bay News June 2017 BIRTHS Audrey Nicole Blumensaadt-Congratulations to Alex Taylor Blumensaadt Of Put-in-Bay and Christine Marie Reynolds on the birth of a 7 lb. 14 oz. daughter, Audrey Nicole, on May 11th. Alex works at Put-in-Bay Investments. Island grandparents are Todd & Jennifer Blumensaadt and Alexa Kirsch. Great-grandmother is former island resident Virginia Blumensaadt of [...]

Put In Bay Diary April 2012

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Put In Bay Diary  - Sunday, April 1st - Jimmy Buffett holds an impromptu concert at Put In Bay Airport. Jason Fitzgerald from Mr. Ed’s and Danielle Allen-May’s engagement is announced on Facebook. Put In Bay Diary - Mon., April 2nd - Put In Bay Village Council meets. One topic of the meeting is a crackdown on people [...]

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