Put-in-Bay Diary:

This category details events that occur on a day to day basis in any given month or year, plus snippets of daily island life in Lake Erie.

Put-in-Bay News June 2018

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Put-in-Bay Diary Fri., June 1st - The Put-in-Bay High School Class of 2018 graduates on the plaza at Perry’s Monument. After the hour-long ceremony, the graduates, their families, and friends head to the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club for a graduation party. Put-in-Bay Diary Sat., June 2nd - In the afternoon, the Wine in the Garden event takes [...]

Diary March 2018

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Island Diary March 2018 Diary March 2018 -Mar. 1st - The weather is absolutely lousy at Put-in-Bay - windy, rainy and cold changing to snow. The planes are not flying in the morning. Hefty winds out of the northeast bring lake water up to the top of the city docks, covering the roadway at Miller’s downtown [...]

Diary February 2018

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Put-in-Bay Diary- Thurs., Feb. 1st - Karen Wilhelm is substituting for her husband Mark processing freight at the Put-in-Bay Airport terminal. Shawn Dages hauls in a huge walleye worthy of a spot over any mantel. Put-in-Bay Diary -Fri., Feb. 2nd - St Paul’s youth join the youth from across the Diocese at the annual Winter Convocation [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary January 2018

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Put-in-Bay Diary Monday Jan.1st While many islanders are just getting up and enjoying a cup of coffee, one of the Crew’s Nest workers is out checking the bubblers on the docks to keep the ice from heaving them. Put-in-Bay Diary Tues., Jan. 2nd - In the morning the temperature is 5 degrees with wind speed at [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary October 2017

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Put-in-Bay Diary-Sun., Oct. 1st - The Keys close down party features delicious free seafood cuisine. Art Boyles and Celestine Collier are married in a wedding in the gazebo in DeRivera Park. Mon., Oct. 2nd - Pauline Garsteck from the Village Bakery treats the HGTV crew here on the island for breakfast. More info to come on [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary February 2017

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Put-in-Bay Diary-Feb. 1st - February starts with snow on the ground and open water around the islands. Put-in-Bay Diary-Feb. 2nd - The Village of Put-in-Bay has a Streets and Safety Committee meeting at the Town Hall in the morning to discuss various issues, one of which is whether or not a non-commissioned chief of police who [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary May 2017

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Put-in-Bay Diary May 1st, 2017 - There’s rain before breakfast. The Put-in-Bay Village Council meets at 9 a.m. Put-in-Bay Diary  May 2nd, 2017 - There’s a strong west wind blowing 30-35 mph since 5 a.m. and the last boat to Put-in-Bay is canceled. Put-in-Bay Diary  May 3rd, 2017 - Christie Ontko is substitute teaching at Put-in-Bay [...]

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