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Put In Bay Diary April 2012

Put In Bay Diary  – Sunday, April 1st – Jimmy Buffett holds an impromptu concert at Put In Bay Airport. Jason Fitzgerald from Mr. Ed’s and Danielle Allen-May’s engagement is announced on Facebook.

Put In Bay Diary – Mon., April 2nd – Put In Bay Village Council meets. One topic of the meeting is a crackdown on people who let their children drive golf carts. Trillium are blooming in Victory Woods.

Put In Bay Diary -Tues., April 3rd – The kids in Bible Buddies discuss Holy Week.

Put In Bay Diary -Wed., April 4th – We learn there was no Jimmy Buffett concert at the Put In Bay Airport. It’s  -an April Fool’s joke. We also learn Jason Fitzgerald’s brother, Jeremy, announced his engagement on Facebook as an April Fool’s joke on the first.

Put In Bay Diary -Thurs, April 5th – The task of clearing out the vast inventory at Cellar Cache´ is being undertaken by the new owners

Put In Bay Diary -Fri., April 6th – Jeff Koehler finds himself trying to catch a flight from Orlando back to Cleveland. He has no drivers license with him to prove who he is. TSA inspectors are happy and let him board when he shows them his Miller Boat Line
season pass with his picture on the back. St. Paul’s had a procession for children, family and friends to Perry’s Cave for a short Good Friday meditation in the cave.

Put In Bay Diary -Sat., April 7th – There are more than 60 golf carts rented out on the island. The annual Easter Egg Hunt takes place at Perry’s Cave.

Put In Bay Diary -Sun., April 8th – St. Paul’s holds a sunrise Easter Service at Lime Kiln.

Put In Bay Diary -Mon., April 9th – Todd Blumensaadt’s crew is working on the new electric line running along the seawall at Perry’s Monument. Steve Donohoe is being kept busy hauling lots of old electronics off the island to recycle or preferably reuse. Lisa Brohl reports seeing her first northern brown or DeKay’s snake in her strawberry patch.

Put In Bay Diary – Tues., April 10th – One of the shortest Village Council meetings takes place. It takes four minutes to approve the harbor patrol grant from the ODNR. Did we see a snowflake or two in the afternoon?

Wed., April 11th – There’s a dress rehearsal for the spring play at the Town Hall. Don McIlrath celebrates his 91st birthday at Tipper’s and had his picture taken with Barry Koehler (Put In Bay High School Class of 2000) who turned 30 the same day. (Sadly, Don passes away just days later.) Thurs., April 12th – The big Axel and Harry’s sign on the street next to the Dairy Queen comes down.

Fri., April 13th – While cleaning out his garage freezer, down near the bottom, Steve Cooks says he discovered a Woolly Mammoth! The downtown starts to come alive. Frosty’s, Pasquale’s, Shirt Shack, Lovella, Mr. Ed’s, Tony’s, Put-in-Bay Golf Carts and Tippers are all open. The Chicken Patio is serving those great chickens. This is the earliest opening for the Chicken Patio ever. There’s a Texas Hold’em Tournament at the Fire Station. Over on Middle Bass at J.F. Walleye’s, Friday the 13th was very lucky for all who stopped by and had the Walleye’s ribs! Chef Rodney sold out in only 30 minutes!

Sat., April 14th – To open for the season, there’s a 70’sthemed party at the Round House. After the third and final performance of the spring play, Finding Felix, Joe Foutts, the author, and director, is presented with the first T.B. Alexander Award at a post-play party at Tipper’s. T.B. Alexander is the thespian who lived on the island and whose picture is on the two posters on the side of the stage in the Town Hall.

Sun., April 15th – The official opening of the Round House for the 2012 season takes place when Ray Fogg officially turns on the famous Whiskey Light in the window. Mike “Mad Dog” Adams and Westside Steve arrive in style in a stretch limo for the event.

Mon., April 16th – Mark and Karen Wilhelm celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. It’s a gorgeous day at the Bay, but the ferry ride was a rough one with winds gusting over 40 knots. The phone line to East Point is accidentally cut.

Tues., April 17th – It’s officially one month away from Ascension Day.

Wed., April 18th – There was a belated birthday party for Bill Booker at his brother Marv’s home on East Point. Islanders enjoyed a late-night Miller Ferry back to the island from Catawba.

Thursday, April 19 – The National Park Service at Perry’s Victory, the LEIC-Black Swamp Conservancy, and OSU Stone Lab jointly hosted a spring community fiesta potluck at the Town Hall. Enchiladas, tamales, rice, and beans were provided. The main speaker was Dr. Christopher J. Winslow, who spoke about Lake Erie’s massive algal/nutrient problem.

Fri. April 20th – Frosty Pizza Buffet Fri., April – Frosty’s Pizza Buffet takes place. It’s one of the traditional events kicking off the season’s beginning each year.

Sat., April 21st – There’s an Earth Day celebration at the  Perry Monument Visitor Center. In the morning, there’s a garlic mustard weed (an invasive species) pull. Seventeen people go out to collect mustard weed. They collect twenty-six 30-gallon bags full. One little boy was having so much fun he started crying when event organizer Lisa Brohl told him it was time to quit. It was quite a Saturday for Daisy Ball. There was a wedding shower at the Winter bar in the afternoon and a bachelorette party in the evening. Attending the events were many of Daisy’s fellow employees who worked with her over the years at the Round House, Frosty’s, and the Goat.

Sun., April 22 – Lisa Brohl and Kendra Koehler go to Middle Bass, where they meet with islanders to discuss the Middle Bass Ecotour set for this coming August 15th. Watch for details on this fun event. Chef Mike Catey is at the Put-in-Bay Winery at the Doller Estate, where a group is toasting his 27th birthday with wine and birthday cake. Wow, Mike! You look eleven years older than that. Mike will be performing his kitchen magic at the Crew’s Nest this season.

Mon., April 23rd – If you’re one of those fishermen who came to the island for your spring Put In Bay fishing outing, you couldn’t have been too happy with the weather on the lake today. It’s blowing 30 knots, and there are whitecaps in the Bay. The French Club meets at Put In Bay School. C’est Bien!

Tues., April 24th – There’s a Robotics Club meeting scheduled at Put In Bay High School.

Wed., Apr. 25th – Congratulations to Tipper’s winter euchre players. 1st place for the women was Kelly Mohn, 2nd place was Candace Pucci. 1st place for the men was Mike Mewhorter. There was a tie for 2nd between Gary Hartzel and Todd Navarre. Tipper
technically won 1st in the men but he doesn’t count..lol.

Thurs., April 26th – Parked around the Village park are more than 30 trucks and boat trailers. They belong to the fishermen who have come to Lake Erie in quest of Put In Bay Fishing for walleye. Just a quick glance and you saw license plates from South Dakota, Illinois, Nebraska,
Iowa, Maryland, and Wisconsin. Law enforcement officers from Coast Guard Station Marblehead boarded the Jet Express II ferry during cooperative law enforcement training between Coast Guardsmen and commercial ferry companies held near Put in Bay. The training was used to build on the existing partnership between the Coast Guard and local ferry companies.

Fri., April 27th – The Put In Bay Village Tree Commission plants two Ohio Buckeye trees at an Arbor Day celebration in the Village Park.

Sat., April 28th – A little rain damps the last Saturday of April. The Internet weather forecast says it’s supposed to be 31 degrees tonight. The USCGC Bristol Bay and a buoy tender barge are docked at Fox’s Dock (aka Jet Dock) for the night. Entertainers at the
winery for Linda Rence’s 50th birthday included Bruce Miles, Russ Brohl, JD Owen, and Steve Stapleton. It’s the Junior/Senior Prom for Put In Bay High School. Taking part are Miranda Krueger, Arthur Wolf, Leah Gray, Cody Porche, Zoltan Urge, and Megan Malyj.

Sun., April 29th – Bob Stone at the Cargo Net is sprucing up a beautiful vintage MG at the Cargo Net. He and Bill Timmerman have
even waxed the underside of the fenders on this beauty. Mark Mathys, owner of several Put In Bay Hotels celebrates a birthday with his employees.

Mon., April 30th – An early morning April shower helps bring May flowers to Put In Bay Ohio.


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