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You’ve come to the right spot! Put-in-Bay is the perfect place for a party! This unique island offers a wide variety of venues to hold parties for kids thru adults. Our wide variety of Put-in-Bay attractions are a perfect location for the children’s birthday, graduation or any other special occasion. Our vibrant nightlife found in the Put-in-Bay Bars offers adults the opportunity to celebrate any type of special occasion. Check out some of our featured articles for more Put-in-Bay Party Ideas!

Top 10 Fun Put-in-Bay Bachelorette Party Tips!

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Marriage is worth celebrating—and how better to rejoice than with a Put-in-Bay bachelorette party? Gather your closest friends, and bond over newfound love in Put-in-Bay—Ohio’s small-town, big-fun island paradise! With so much to do in Put-in-Bay, good times are guaranteed for all. Why Have a Bachelorette Party? A bachelorette party can be many things: a [...]

Bash On The Bay 2021

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Bash On The Bay 2021  - Headlines Blake Shelton & Keith Urban The long-awaited Bash On The Bay 2021  announcement has been made and agreements finalized! This year's annual event will feature Blake Shelton & Keith Urban in a 2-day show format on August 25th & 26th at the Put-in-Bay Airport. The delay is finally over. [...]

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2020 Events Update

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 Put-in-Bay 2020 Events Update -Here’s the latest status about island events 2020 update as we go to prepare this post Keep in mind that the events that have not been canceled are subject to change. The official Put-in-Bay Spring Fling is a go at the new and upgraded location, the Put-in-Bay Resort. The resort is sold [...]

2020 April Rates May Dates!

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April Rates May Dates Put-in-Bay! Put-in-Bay Hotel Deals! We've prepared for your arrival and have gathered Put-in-Bay's finest hotels and resorts to offer low April rates for all remaining May weekend dates! All Rates Include A Overnight 4 person Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental! ALL REMAINING ROOMS ALL MAY WEEKENDS - April Rates May Dates! JUST $179 PER [...]

48 Hours at Put-in-Bay Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

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Bachelor & Bachelorette Party At Put-in-Bay! Two friends are getting married! How I picked the perfect Ohio party location and planned both! Bachelor & Bachelorette party time! With all the things to do in Ohio, planning not one but BOTH, the Bachelor & Bachelorette party seemed larger than life task! Where to start? How could I [...]

2020 Events At Put-in-Bay

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2020 Events At Put-in-Bay Released The Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau has released the 2020 Events At Put-in-Bay Schedule! Many of your favorite weekends return for another year of fun-filled and action-packed vacations! Yes, it's still winter, and it's cold, but in just a little over two months, it's Put-in-Bay Time! Aprill rolls into the 2020 season [...]

Free Golf Cart

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Free Golf Cart At Put-in-Bay! 48 Hour Special - Every room booked in the next 48 hours receives a FREE OVERNIGHT 4 PERSON GOLF CART RENTAL! It's hump day Wednesday and we've got a special offer for you from the Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau the OFFICIAL SITE for Put-in-Bay Fun! From 10 am Wednesday, June [...]

What To Pack For A Put-in-Bay Vacation

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Here Are A List Of Things To Pack For Your Next Put-in-Bay Vacation A Put-in-Bay Vacation on South Bass Island lends itself to an abundance of activities from Jet Skis to Parasailing, Fishing to Hiking. Choosing what to do while at Put-in-Bay is easy, but deciding what to pack for your Put-in-Bay Vacation- well, that's another [...]

Put-in-Bay 2019

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Happy New Year and Welcome to Put-in-Bay 2019 The New Year is here and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you into another exciting season as Put-in-Bay 2019 season is just around the corner! In just a few short months the snow will be gone, and the Put-in-Bay 2019 season will be here! The Put-in-Bay [...]

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