Here Are A List Of Things To Pack For Your Next Put-in-Bay Vacation

A Put-in-Bay Vacation on South Bass Island lends itself to an abundance of activities from Jet Skis to Parasailing, Fishing to Hiking. Choosing what to do while at Put-in-Bay is easy, but deciding what to pack for your Put-in-Bay Vacation- well, that’s another story altogether. No matter if you are planning on relaxing poolside or hiking the nature trails on the island here is our guide of what to pack (and not to pack) for Put-in-Bay. Leave the coolers at home! The better hotels & resorts and all Put-in-Bay Rental Homes all are equipped with refrigerators in the rooms and rental home units. If you are coming for a Batchelor /Bachelorette or Birthday party, be sure to bring your decorating items & gag gifts along as you won’t find many options on the island once you have arrived.

Put-in-Bay Vacation Luggage Tips

Just about any stay at Put-in-Bay will involve some walking between getting on and off the ferry and to your Put-in-Bay Hotel & Resort location. Packing suitcases with good quality wheels will make that part of the process a breeze. Space in the Put-in-Bay Taxi’s is limited so we suggest only bringing a suitcase slightly larger than you need so you’ll have ample room for some Put-in-Bay Shopping. A taxi anywhere on the island is $4.00 or less and you can actually call Taxi Put-in-Bay at 419-285-2667 and they will pick you up on arrival!

Comfortable walking shoes are a must and a second pair is suggested as many activities involve water and getting wet. Leave the high heels and dress shoes in the closet you won’t need them at the Key West of the North!

The Pool & Water Scene

During the daytime hours, the pool is one great place to see and be seen. The popular Blue Marlin Bar & Grill at the Put-in-Bay Resort is one of the most popular on the island so a swimsuit, sunblock and beach towel are going to come in handy for sure. Those same items will be well used if you decide to partake in other watersports such as Jet Ski Rentals or flying high above Lake Erie Parasailing. Good quality sunglasses are a must! If you plan on fishing with one of the Put-in-Bay Charter Boats a good quality sunblock will help with that long day in the sun. If you already have an Ohio Fishing license, be sure to bring it along! If you plan on taking your catch home to enjoy, a small cooler will come in handy.

The Put-in-Bay Nightlife

Put-in-Bay can be cooler in the evening and in the morning as light winds early in the season push cooler air above the water inland. Packing a warm sweater or sweatshirt is always a good idea any time of the year. A lightweight rain jacket can come in handy when the brief storms make landfall on the island. Dress on the island is resort casual so pretty much any clothing you’re comfortable in will be fine. Dressing in layers early and late in the season is ideal as temperatures may be brisk when walking from Bar to Bar but warm with the crowds of people inside.

Dining at Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay offers a wide variety of dining options however all are resort casual. Unless you have a wedding to attend you’ll look a little out of place if you wear a tie anywhere on the island! Many of the Put-in-Bay Restaurants offer both inside and outside dining and some such at the Boardwalk, The Keys & Topsy Turvey offer a waterfront view. Having that sweater or jacket in the evening hours might come in handy early and late in the season.

Personal Effects

Perhaps the single biggest area in planning what to pack for a Put-in-Bay Vacation are personal effects. There is no pharmacy on the island so be sure to plan an ample supply ( even a little extra) of your medications. Put-in-Bay has two full-service beverage centers however neither is licensed to sell full proof alcohol so if your drink of choice includes spirits, you may wish to bring your own bottle.

Beer & Wine are sold at state minimum prices in most locations so no need to lug all that over on the Put-in-Bay Ferry. If you are planning on exploring the local caves or hiking the many nature trails and parks at Put-in-Bay a good pair of walking shoes is recommended. In the event you forget any toiletries, you will find a pretty good selection at the local island General Store.

Phone chargers, computer accessories and other electronic devices are not readily available on the island so plan accordingly. An extra phone charger is never a bad idea. Wireless internet is readily available n the island and while slow to keep up with the mainland, recent improvements to the system have made it much faster. The Put-in-Bay Resort Pool has a free hot spot for use while visiting the island.

A passport is not needed however most Put-in-Bay Bars will require an approved form of ID to enter such as a drivers license. Be sure to print off copies of your hotel confirmation and a ferry schedule can be screenshotted on your phone so its handy. If you plan on renting a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart to get around, you will need to present a valid drivers license. Most cart rentals hold either a drivers license or a credit card while you are in possession of the cart so an extra credit card or two is a good idea.

There are several ATM Machines on the island, in the downtown area you will find one in from of the Edgewater Hotel next to Mr. Ed’s Bar and one in the park near the bathhouses. The lobby of the Put-in-Bay Resort also has a 24 hour ATM. The Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau can always be reached at 888-742-7829 for questions regarding planning a Put-in-Bay Vacation!