Put-in-Bay History:

Articles past and present of interest to those who wish to study or visit Put-in-Bay and see the island from a historical viewpoint.

Battle of Lake Erie Celebration

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The Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial is upon us. Most islanders are aware of the history of the Battle of Lake Erie and the famous Commodore who commanded his soldier/sailors who, for the first time in history, defeated a British fleet. Not surprisingly, many people have no idea what the Battle of Lake Erie fought out [...]

Put-in-Bay Quarter Released

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Put-in-Bay Quarter Released-The United States Mint and the National Park Service joined state and local officials in the village of Put-in-Bay Saturday, April 20th at the Put-in-Bay Conference Center for the launch of the latest America the Beautiful Quarters coin, which honors Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. The memorial is a tribute to Master Commandant [...]

Put-in-Bay Residents Serve In War

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Islanders Serve In War-It is no secret the Lake Erie Islands have a rich and vibrant past. The folks who settled the islands were in every sense pioneers cutting out small communities upon the rocky shores. Some of these individuals played important roles and we have many to thank for what the Lake Erie islands have [...]

Put-in-Bay Stamp

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The US Postal Service has announced the issue of a postage stamp commemorating the Battle of Lake Erie which took place 200 years ago on Sept. 10, 1813, just a few miles away from Put-in-Bay out on the lake. The battle dramatically changed the history of the United States. The War of 1812, sometimes called “the [...]

Put-in-Bay Island Wine

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It’s hard to believe, but there was a time upon the islands when tourism wasn’t the main source of income for those who called the islands home, it was island wine. In the early years of settlement, it was the cultivation of vineyards and the production of island wine that earned the islands their first success, [...]

Tin Goose Museum Proposed

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The Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation is on track with its proposal to build a complex honoring the famous Ford Tri-Motor, aka Tin Goose Museum, at the Port Clinton Airport. For many years, Ford Tri-Motors were the lifeline to the Lake Erie Islands from the mainland. Of the 199 planes built by Henry Ford between 1925 and 1933, [...]

Put-in-Bay Island

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The trip Put-in-Bay island people from the Bass Islands took to Mackinac Island accompanying the Put-in-Bay High School Panther Basketball Team was a fascinating delight because of the similarities and dissimilarities both islands’ residents share. Mackinac Island is located just off the Mackinac Bridge in northern Michigan. Like Put-in-Bay Island, it is a popular tourist destination. [...]

Put-in-Bay GPS

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It is my opinion GPS (Global Positioning System) is somewhere between being a lifesaver and the most annoying technological device ever created. I first encountered GPS in 2001 while visiting Japan. Our driver was using the GPS to get us to our meetings on time. The personality of this GPS device was a young Japanese woman. [...]

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