Put-in-Bay History:

Articles past and present of interest to those who wish to study or visit Put-in-Bay and see the island from a historical viewpoint.

Middle Bass Island Meeting

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Lake Erie Island Consortium meets. The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Lake Erie Island International Consortium (LEIIC), met on Middle Bass Island in June. Thanks to excellent planning, staggered arrivals were not a problem as attendees were driven to the Middle Bass-East Point Preserve to observe bird banding with Tom and Representative Bartlett. After lunch at the [...]

Put-in-Bay Parks

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Put-in-Bay Parks Massie Cliffside Preserve becomes a reality-In 2014, the Massie Family contacted Put-in-Bay Township Parks District about the possibility of selling the property to the Park District. Their goal was for this family property to be used as a park and preserved forever in a natural state. On May 8, 2015, Put-in-Bay Township Park District [...]

Put-in-Bay History 30 Years Ago

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History remembers The Put-in-Bay Village Council had a list of ten projects it was going to spend $85,000 on with the new Island Tax money being collected. The three May meetings of the Council lasted for ten hours. Bud Cox was Chief of Police. Among the Village Council members were Jeff Koehler, Doc Scarpelli, Patti Greiner [...]

Perry Peace Memorial-100th Anniversary

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Put-in-Bay, OH – Perry Peace Memorial Day ceremonies remembering the importance of the War of 1812 and the 557 who served during the Battle of Lake Erie will take place Monday, May 25th, at noon on the steps of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. Representatives from The US Navy, Coast Guard, Great Britain, Canada and [...]

Lake Erie Islands Civil War Part 3

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The War Between the States began on April 12th, 1861, when Confederate troops fired on Fort Sumter, a key fort occupied by Union troops in South Carolina. Like in any war, the problem of prisoners of war had to be dealt with. In the early part of the war, prisoners from both sides were paroled and [...]

Battle of Lake Erie Celebration

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The Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial is upon us. Most islanders are aware of the history of the Battle of Lake Erie and the famous Commodore who commanded his soldier/sailors who, for the first time in history, defeated a British fleet. Not surprisingly, many people have no idea what the Battle of Lake Erie fought out [...]

Put-in-Bay Quarter Released

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Put-in-Bay Quarter Released-The United States Mint and the National Park Service joined state and local officials in the village of Put-in-Bay Saturday, April 20th at the Put-in-Bay Conference Center for the launch of the latest America the Beautiful Quarters coin, which honors Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. The memorial is a tribute to Master Commandant [...]

Put-in-Bay Residents Serve In War

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Islanders Serve In War-It is no secret the Lake Erie Islands have a rich and vibrant past. The folks who settled the islands were in every sense pioneers cutting out small communities upon the rocky shores. Some of these individuals played important roles and we have many to thank for what the Lake Erie islands have [...]

Put-in-Bay Stamp

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The US Postal Service has announced the issue of a postage stamp commemorating the Battle of Lake Erie which took place 200 years ago on Sept. 10, 1813, just a few miles away from Put-in-Bay out on the lake. The battle dramatically changed the history of the United States. The War of 1812, sometimes called “the [...]

Put-in-Bay Island Wine

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It’s hard to believe, but there was a time upon the islands when tourism wasn’t the main source of income for those who called the islands home, it was island wine. In the early years of settlement, it was the cultivation of vineyards and the production of island wine that earned the islands their first success, [...]

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