History remembers The Put-in-Bay Village Council had a list of ten projects it was going to spend $85,000 on with the new Island
Tax money being collected. The three May meetings of the Council lasted for ten hours. Bud Cox was Chief of Police. Among the Village Council members were Jeff Koehler, Doc Scarpelli, Patti Greiner and JoAnn Robison.

The Township Trustees decided to no longer pay Dr. Heinz Boker the doctor subsidy of $250. They could not afford both a doctor and an EMS program. Kendra Koehler was the president of the Board of Public Affairs, the three-member group in charge of the water and sewer in the Village. Among those working on the research vessel, Hydra was Capt. Pat Chrysler. Conrad Sherman was also helping with getting the boat ready for its next trip out. The level of water in the lake was of concern due to it being so high.

You could buy a building lot on South Bass Island for as little as $12,500. A year-round home in the Village could be had for $87,000. Mrs. Pierce’s 7th and 8th-grade classes went by Parker Ferry to Port Clinton to visit the Ida Rupp Library. While onboard the ferry, they had a bit of a history lesson. The classes also went canoeing for their class trip to Mohican State Park.

The Juniors and Seniors at Put-in-Bay High School held their banquet at the Crescent Tavern. For the evening’s entertainment, the students imitated some of the teachers. The first patrols of Put-in-Bay harbor began with the Village’s new police boat. Pat Dailey returned to the Beer Barrel Saloon for his seventh season. Ken Turvey was running the Wharfside. He had a sign in the window that read, “The only shop in the water.” It referred to the fact that the shop was flooded due to the high water level in Lake Erie.

Joe and Willie Dapore were heading up the official South Bass Island Pumpkin Growing Contest. Rich Kahler was seen
passing out Put-in-Bay Yacht Club Yearbooks. His wife, Rose, put the book together. Jeff Niese was mourning
the loss of “Old Blue,” the faithful old van used by the Island General Store to pick up freight and haul cardboard to the dump.
A few island businesses from May 1985 you might remember are The Lone Willow, Bay Peds, Sunshine Services, the Commodore Motel, Bay Burger, Blatt’s Bakery, the Snack House, A Stitch in Thyme, The Cellar Cache, Cooper’s Restaurant and Tavern, Victory Park Motel and Cottages, CC Deli and Carry-Out, Eriksen Construction, Greiner Construction and Retrospect.