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A great addition to Lake Erie Islands Books

The Put in Bay Gazette News is proud to announce that one of its writers will release his first Lake Erie Island Books on July 4th,2018. Gordy Barr’s “Legends of Middle Bass and Other Lake Erie Islands” will hit newsstands on Independence Day. Barr’s book contains western basin island lore, extraordinary island stories, and tall tales. Barr’s Book will join writer Bob Adamov’s collection of books about Put-in-Bay.

The book is a selection of Barr’s past writing from the Put in Bay Gazette and is divided into four sections (Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring). Each season holds its own set of stories, reflecting some aspect of the diverse subject matter of the Lake Erie Islands. Jeff Koehler, co-editor of the Put-in-Bay Gazette, said, “From day one (2010), Gordy’s articles were diverse and interesting. In-depth research, a touch of the unusual, his bizarre sense of humor, and the ability to write about any island topic have resulted in a wonderful and eclectic collection of island literature”.

When asked what was his greatest joy about the Put-in-Bay Novel, Barr responded, “Working with Jeff Koehler. He takes his journalistic responsibility to the Islands seriously. I believe The Put in Bay Gazette is one of the best small newspapers in the country. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to write for Mr. Koehler. “There is a certain irony about the Gazette. The actual landmass of Jeff’s coverage is about 3,000 acres (the is-The amount of news generated by these 3,000 acres is truly disproportionate to its size.

Like a mouse that can roar like a lion, the Lake Erie Islands are Shakespearian in nature and Goliath in the scope of their identity (but they are, collectively, a very tiny package.) Gordy was excited about his book. He continued, “It weighs more than I expected. I hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Story topics include Middle Bass Island, South Bass Island and Put in Bay, Kelley’s Island, and North Bass Island. Even shy, poorly dressed, outer islands like East Sister Island, Middle Sister Island, and West Sister Island enjoy the spotlight.”

Weighing in at almost three pounds, the Put-in-Bay Novel contains 91 chapters and has over 368 pages (plus acknowledgments). The Lake Erie Islands books are beautifully printed on archival paper on a six-color Heidelberg Press. The high-resolution print process really makes the book’s 80 full-color pictures pop. The cover is tastefully embossed.

Based on curb weight alone, the book is worth its cover price of $29.95. Jeff Koehler added, “The Put-in-Bay Gazette family is proud of Gordy. It took him eight years, four computers, two cover designs, and hundreds (perhaps thousands) of man-hours to produce Middle Bass and Other Lake Erie Islands. This is a book that will capture your attention and hold your interest. If you love the Lake Erie Islands, this book is for you.

Notes on the Story:

1) “The book “Legends of Middle Bass and Other Lake Erie Islands” can be purchased on eBay as well as several island stores starting July
4th, 2018. “

2) Gordy Barr can be contacted at gbarr@ newkor.com. If you need help finding a retail location (or his autograph).

3) Barr was heard to say that because of the expense of high-quality, four-color printing of this book, he would lose several dollars per copy. He hopes to make up the difference through volume.

4) GPS: Just type in the title, and a Pokémon Go character will lead you to a nearby store! Ask for it by name.

5) There is a shotgun hidden in the book. How many books come fully loaded?

6) Mr. Barr’s book launch will be accompanied by fireworks at the following locations: Perry’s Monument, Port Clinton, Ohio. Cedar Point Amusement Park, Huron, Ohio, Monroe, Michigan, and arson fires in Detroit.

7) On the Fourth of July, there will also be antique car parades and hundreds of picnics throughout the western basin of Lake Erie in Barr’s honor.

8) Writing a book is like having your head held underwater by a masked killer. Once you stop thrashing, the best you can do is play dead and hope the stalker disappears. It won’t leave you alone until you sign off on the final print order.

9). Warning: The western basin is a dangerous place. Anyone going to the Lake Erie Islands does so at their own risk. The author of Middle Bass and Other Lake Erie Islands cannot take responsibility for harm, damage, loss, or prosecution that may be claimed as a consequence-directly or indirectly- of the use or misuse of the contents of his book.

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