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This category contains archived stories about the Put-in-Bay’s School News including information on sporting events, school schedules, and special events. The Put-in-Bay school serves South Bass Island as well as Middle Bass Island and has grades K-12. School News archives date back as far as 20 years and many of these stories were provided by Put-in-Bay News monthly publication the Gazette, the Lake Eries Islands largest newspaper.

Put-in-Bay School News January 2015

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This is the time of year for giving and counting our blessings. Last month, the Put-in-Bay School National Honor Society conducted a food drive for the Ottawa County Salvation Army. Thanks to our students, needy families received food for the holidays. As part of the Panther Pride Community Service Program, 7th graders Cecilia Glauser, Carin Kirsch, [...]

Scholarship Stone Labs

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Put-in-Bay Scholarships are available for Stone Labs.  Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory will be offering six scholarships to take part in Stone Laboratory’s Field Trip program thanks to generous funding from The Andrews Foundation. The Stone Laboratory Field Trip Put-in-Bay Scholarship will include full funding for 40 people to attend a one-day field trip at [...]

Put-in-Bay Mossbacks

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A busload of Put-in-Bay School Panther basketball players and carloads of  Put-in-Bay Mossbacks invaded Mackinac Island in Northern Michigan the first weekend of December. The Put-in-Bay Ohio boys and girls teams played the Mackinac Island School Lakers in four exciting games in a tradition going back to 1995 when the two teams first played against each [...]

Put-in-Bay School News June 2017

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Graduating Class 2017 This year’s Put-in-Bay School graduation ceremony will be held at Perry’s Victory Visitor’s Center at Put in Bay on Friday, June 2 at 7 p.m. Addressing this year’s graduating class will be Stephanie Bianchi. Stephanie is the daughter of island residents David and Debbie Bianchi and a 2006 graduate of Put-in-Bay [...]

Put-in-Bay School News January 2017

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Put-in-Bay School News-Recently, I heard a quote that is so appropriate for this time of year. “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” With January being “School Board Recognition Month,” I would like to express my gratitude for the work our Put-in-Bay Board of Education members do. Keeping [...]

Put-in-Bay School News March 2017

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Put-in-Bay School Spelling Bee Put-in-Bay School News March 2017 Put-in-Bay Basketball had another successful season with a group of hardworking kids. The season started off great with a trip to Mackinac Island! We are grateful to the people of Mackinac for the hospitality they showed us. The Panthers finished with a 3-1 record at [...]

Put-in-Bay School News April 2017

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Spring is upon us and our Put-in-Bay School students are anxious to walk or ride their bikes to school again. Please drive slowly and follow our drop-off/pick-up procedures to ensure the safety of our children. We would like for parents to please drop-off/pick-up along Catawba Ave. instead of occupying a parking space. Parking spaces are limited [...]

Put in Bay School News July 2017

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Although it is summer we still have school news! Many of our Put-in-Bay School students are taking advantage of learning opportunities outside the school calendar year. Mrs. Jane Ruthsatz is teaching elementary students in summer school for six weeks; sophomores Max Schneider and Jack Booker attended the Hugh O’Brian Leadership Seminar; freshman Elena Schroeder participated in [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary December 2016

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Put-in-Bay Diary Thurs-Dec. 1st - The Put-in-Bay High School basketball teams leave Put-in-Bay for the long bus trip north to Mackinac Island to play their Lake team. Put-in-Bay Diary Fri-Dec. 2nd - Eighty-nine Panther team members and island fans tour the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. Put-in-Bay Diary Sat., Dec. 3rd - Eighth grader Blake Booker [...]

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