Put-in-Bay News for this month begins with an all-new advertisement for Erie Islands Petroleum for the new reduced hours the gas station will be open. Gary Kowalski says a very large percentage of those wanting gas came the new open hours, so it shouldn’t really be much of an inconvenience for gas customers. Put-in-Bay Village Councilman Bill Jellison tells us members of the Put-in-Bay Village Council had 65 meetings last year. Some last just a short time, while others could last for two or three hours. New subscribers to the Put-in-Bay Gazette are Sonny and Bev Meyers from Coos Bay, Oregon.

The family-owned “Craggy Cove,” a cottage on the West Shore between 1920 and 1971. We understand Billy Market was coordinating the last run of the Put-in-Bay Ferry for the 2010 season from Las Vegas where he was vacationing. Internet weather reports and cell phones have certainly changed the way things can be done today in comparison to the way they were done in the past. When it comes to Put-in-Bay fishing, there’s no doubt the Kowalski clan on the island is tops. They literally eat, drink and sleep fishing, and it especially so when it comes to ice fishing. Put-in-Bay News found out the other day there is actually a Kowalski on the island who doesn’t particularly care to fish, or for that matter, go out on the ice. It’s Tony Kowalski (Put-in-Bay High School Class of 1997). Tony prefers working on his computer.

Speaking of the Kowalskis and ice fishing, we heard Billy and Travis Kowalski were among the first to head out ice fishing this season. Islanders have already started taking their winter trips. Miyo and Maria Hristovski, owners of Adventure Bay and Mama Maria’s, headed to Macedonia for the first time in eleven years. They took their two children, Max and Mia, with them. Dave Washtock and Sharon Gray were in New Mexico in early December. Bob and Andrea Gatewood were in Nashville working on some new music. Billy Market was in Las Vegas in early December. David and Jessie Green Hill were in Hawaii visiting Jessie’s sister for most of December. Donna Pugh’s son, Nick Richardson (Put-in-Bay Class of 2005), will be promoted the first of the year. He will be SGT. Nicholas T. Richardson of the USMC! She is very proud of him!

When John Dodge turned 64 on Dec. 24th, he Face booked friends, “Thanks everybody for the birthday wishes! When I heard the Beatles singing, “When I’m 64,” I never thought it would apply to ME! LOL.” He had another surprise on his birthday he didn’t expect. Bob Glauser called him, wished him a happy birthday, and then asked if he go out in his airboat and rescue his brother, John, from Middle Bass who was stuck between the islands in his broken down airboat. John obliged.

Capt. Jeff Ogden, Coast Guard Sector Detroit, recently gave the Capt. David P. Dobbins award, for excellence in Search and Rescue, to Put-in-Bay Ferry crew members Steve Rose, Bernie Wise, and Greg Johnson, for their efforts last Summer in pulling 4 people out of the water after a plane crash in Lake Erie. Good job guys! Jake Market, the fourth crew member, could not be present.

Are you one of those islanders who still have walleye in your freezer left over from last ice fishing season? You’d better eat it up, ‘cause more is coming soon because Put-in-Bay News says with all the great ice we’ve got its for sure!