Put-in-Bay Village Council

The Village Council is the governing and legislative body that oversees the downtown Put-in-Bay Area. The Village Council generally meets once monthly although there are numerous workshops and special meetings held from time to time. This section contains many of the stories related to the actions of the Village Council and many of these were from the Put-in-Bay Newspaper know as the Gazette serving the Lake Erie Islands.

Put-in-Bay Village Council

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The Put-in-Bay Village Council is looking to hire a new Put-in-Bay Village Administrator. Earlier this spring, Council decided to separate the administrator position and the Put-in-Bay police chief position which were both being performed by Steve Riddle. The job has been posted and resumes will be reviewed after the June 15th due date. Check out the [...]

Put-in-Bay Government

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It just might be the right time change the Put-in-Bay Government. The Village of Put-in-Bay has been operating under the Ohio Revised Code in a form of government referred to as the “Federal Plan”.  705.71 Federal plan - elective officers. The form of government provided in sections 705.71 to 705.86, inclusive, of the Revised Code, shall [...]

Put-in-Bay Village Council February 2017

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The Put-in-Bay Village Council met in January on the 9th and the 16th, one week later than usual due to New Year’s Day falling on the first Monday of the month. Council also met on Saturday, January 21st. The Village now owns the Frederick property on Erie St. between the bank and John and Paula Ladd’s [...]

Village Council May 2016

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The Put-in-Bay Village Council met in April and one of the first items of business was to hire Steve Riddle as the new Village Administrator. Steve graciously accepted the position and literally got to work as soon as the appointment was made. The controversial new ordinance requiring “intimidation barriers” at island bars with outdoor areas fronting [...]

Village Council of Put-in-Bay May 2015

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Put-in-Bay Village Council met on Monday, April 13th. Along with Mayor Ruth Scarpelli, five of six members were present, Kelly Faris, Michael McCann, Jeff Koehler, Dee Dee Duggan and Melinda McCann. Jake Market was not present. One of the first things to pass was the decision to spend $18,342.81 on body cameras for the Put-in-Bay Police [...]

Put-in-Bay Village Council Members Resign

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The Put-in-Bay Village Council changed dramatically in January as two Council members, Lee Krendl and Terry Bodenbender, submitted resignation letters. In his December letter, Krendl cited issues with his taking up permanent residence in Florida and the conflict of serving in public office in Ohio. Bodenbender, a vocal member when it came to police department issues, [...]

Village Council Notes March 2013

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Village Council Notes-The Put-in-Bay Village Council met twice in February, first for an informal workshop and two weeks later for its official monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 20th. Former Put-in-Bay mayor Judy Berry resigned her seat on Council in early February. Jake Market was appointed to fill her seat until next fall’s election. Jake’s grandfather, Bill [...]

Put-in-Bay Port Authority News

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First I want to thank our current Port Authority board of directors for all their volunteer service: Terry Burns, Chairman (15 years service); Patrick Myers, Vice-Chairman (12 years); Michael Diskin, Treasurer (8 years); Karl Schmidlin (20 years) and Patrick Chrysler (7 years). These individuals like so many other volunteers are unpaid and put in a great [...]

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