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News From Put-in-Bay Village Council January 2018

The Put-in-Bay Village Council voted unanimously to accept the recommendation from Mayor McCann to approve the completion of the probationary periods for Chief Steve Riddle and Lt. Doug Miller of the Put-in-Bay Police Department. Normally, the officers would have been approved after six months, but both officers have worked for the department for longer than that. A recommendation to make Miller a captain and raise his pay to $58,000 was not voted on because a new ordinance is needed to create that position and pay scale.

Put-in-Bay utility plant operator Tony Joyce officially turned in his resignation to take a position as water plant superintendent of Marblehead on the mainland. Tony came to Put-in-Bay from Kelleys Island three years ago. Council passed an ordinance to have former Village Solicitor George Wilber be the prosecutor for Mayor’s Court.

The 2018 budget was approved with an emergency vote by Put-in-Bay Village Council. 2018 meeting dates for Council will see members coming together to do Village business on Wednesdays rather than Mondays. The first workshop Council meeting in January will be on Wednesday the 3rd at 9 a.m. The regular meeting will be on Wednesday, January 10th at 9 a.m. The public is welcome to attend all Village Council meetings.

Council purchased $25,000 worth of fuel oil to heat the town hall this winter, plus it bought enough gasoline for the police department and the utility department to run its vehicles until spring. The cost for each was $3,000. Council also voted to keep the current hospitalization provider for 2018 in spite of the 29% increase in premium cost. To help pay for the increase, employees would not receive a cost of living increase for 2018.

The Tree Commission had its request for $500 for the Arbor Day celebration this coming April 27th approved. Council approved a request to forgive the sewer portion its utility bill for $511.21. Earlier this fall, a leak in their water line caused flooding on the first level. The water did not go into the sewer. The O.E. Meyers invoice for the oxygen supply and rental unit for ozone at the water treatment plant was approved. It was $12,790.59.

There was a discussion about giving permission to a company to mount a new design small cell antenna on a pole at the corner of Bayview and Catawba for improving cellular coverage. Dockage rates at the Put-in-Bay docks will stay the same as last year. The Put-in-Bay docks took in about $460,000 last season.

A new board member is needed for the Planning Commission. Dee Dee Duggan attended her last meeting as a Councilperson. She chose not to run again. Tip Boyles will be taking her place in January.


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