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Village Council May 2018 Notes


Village Council May 2018  When Administrator Steve Riddle was made Chief of Police about a year ago, he took on the responsibility of both jobs. The Put-in-Bay Village Council passed an ordinance to separate the two positions. Last month, Put-in-Bay Mayor Mack McCann recommended Glenn Basting of Huron, OH, to become the new village administrator. Council voted unanimously to accept the mayor’s recommendation. Basting, who attended the Village Council meeting in April, told Council he would be able to begin work about mid-May.

The new administrator has a Class III water plant operating license and has thirty years of water plant experience, much of it dealing with the
treatment of lake water. He will commute to the island and will earn $69,500 per year with practical benefits. At one time, Basting had a Class I wastewater treatment license. He indicated he would pursue renewing a reinstatement.


The Put-in-Bay Village Utility Department had lost four licensed operators in the last nine months, two of them coming this past month when Doug Knauer, the former Village Administrator, announced his retirement, and wastewater plant operator Mike Mewhorter gave his two weeks’ notice. Knauer had a water treatment license, and Mewhorter. Mewhorter’s resignation will leave the sewage treatment plant with no operator. McWhorter recently agreed to stay for another month to help give officials time to find a replacement. Licensed operators Zach Kowalski and Tony Joyce left the plant a few months ago.


Put-in-Bay Village Council voted in April to allow ATVs and snowmobiles on island roads from November first through April 30th. That means they won’t be allowed to operate on island roads from May 1st through October 31st. This falls in line with recent Ohio Revised Code changes.


A court recently ruled for Put-in-Bay Village against former Put-in-Bay Police Chief Ric Lampela in a case that took more than two years to decide. Lampela appealed the Village’s administrative action, which removed him from his job about three years ago, but the court said the procedure was correctly handled. Lampela is still awaiting a decision concerning any unemployment compensation he was entitled to after his termination.

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