Put-in-Bay Village Council

The Village Council is the governing and legislative body that oversees the downtown Put-in-Bay Area. The Village Council generally meets once monthly although there are numerous workshops and special meetings held from time to time. This section contains many of the stories related to the actions of the Village Council and many of these were from the Put-in-Bay Newspaper know as the Gazette serving the Lake Erie Islands.

Village Council April 2019

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Village Council April 2019 Meeting Minutes & Notes The Put-in-Bay Village Council met twice in April, first at its workshop meeting on Wednesday, April 3rd, and on Wednesday, April 17th, for its regular meeting. Village Council April 2019 also included held a public hearing in April to hear comments on the number of taxis which should [...]

Put-in-Bay Water

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Put-in-Bay Water Meeting On Thursday, September 5th, there was an open meeting with Amy Klei, head of the Ohio EPA’s drinking and groundwaters department, Chief, Division of Drinking and Ground Waters - OEPA, and other representatives from the Ohio EPA and Village Council to discuss options for providing Put-in-Bay water in the coming years. The representatives [...]

Put-in-Bay Mayor Sentenced

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Put-in-Bay Investigation Put-in-Bay Mayor Sentenced At the end of March, former Put-in-Bay Mayor Mack McCann and his two adult children, current Put-in-Bay Village Councilman Michael McCann and former Put-in-Bay Village Councilwoman Melinda Myers, appeared in Ottawa County Municipal Court where they learned what their sentences would be after pleading to various misdemeanor conflict of issue charges [...]

Put-In-Bay Investigation

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Put-in-Bay Investigation Near Completion If you read the mainstream press, i.e. the Sandusky Register, you already know that the investigation into alleged financial wrongdoing by the Village of Put-in-Bay is wrapping up with the possibility of the case coming to a resolution in July. This is according to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. All the witnesses [...]

Village Council May 2018

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Village Council May 2018 Notes NEW VILLAGE ADMINISTRATOR Village Council May 2018  When Administrator Steve Riddle was made Chief of Police about a year ago, he took on the responsibility of both jobs. The Put-in-Bay Village Council passed an ordinance to separate the two positions. Last month, Put-in-Bay Mayor Mack McCann recommended Glenn Basting of Huron, [...]

Village Council January 2018

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The Put-in-Bay Village Council voted unanimously to accept the recommendation from Mayor McCann to approve the completion of the probationary periods for Chief Steve Riddle and Lt. Doug Miller of the Put-in-Bay Police Department. Normally, the officers would have been approved after six months, but both officers have worked for the department for longer than that. [...]

Put-in-Bay Police Chief

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The Put-in-Bay Village Council met on Friday, February 17th and voted to approve a new Put-in-Bay Police Chief.  Mayor Mack McCann’s recommendation for Put-in-Bay Police Chief Steve Riddle was announced.  McCann reportedly had a few other applicants for the job and recommended Riddle. Steve Riddle, who retired from the State of Ohio after many years managing [...]

Put-in-Bay Parking

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A Put-in-Bay Village Council committee met in March to discuss paid Put-in-Bay parking on the streets and in its public parking areas. Parking has long been a hotly contested issue in many of the Put-in-Bay Planning commission meetings with many business owners of the opinion that the business should determine how much parking is needed. Currently, [...]

Put-in-Bay Elections

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This coming November, Put-in-Bay island voters will go to the polls to vote in the Put-in-Bay Elections for local government and island school board officials. If you are interested in a position on the Put-in-Bay Village Council, the Put-in-Bay Township Board of Trustees, or any of the three school districts on the islands, you must have [...]

Put-in-Bay Village Council July 2017

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Put-in-Bay Village Council met in July and discussed the following issues: New Village Administrator A new Put-in-Bay Ohio Village Administrator has not been hired, but resumes from about a half dozen applicants have been received. Officials will be reviewing them and a recommendation from the mayor will be voted on by Council in the coming weeks. [...]

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