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Village Council April 2019 Meeting Minutes & Notes

The Put-in-Bay Village Council met twice in April, first at its workshop meeting on Wednesday, April 3rd, and then for its regular meeting on Wednesday, April 17th. Village Council April 2019 also included held a public hearing in April to hear comments on the number of Put-in-Bay taxis that should be licensed to operate on the island.

Council passed an amended Pedicab ordinance but did not pass the map required to limit the route of such vehicles. That was sent to the committee for further consideration once members of the Council realized the way did not include most of the major streets in the Village.

A temporary moratorium on roving entertainment businesses was passed. The ordinance addressed companies like the karaoke golf cart that applied to operate in the Village last season. A “Small Cell Design Guidelines” ordinance had its second of three readings, plus there was a third and final reading of a law that authorizes internet auctions of surplus Village property.

One of the bills authorized to be paid was one for Walter-Haverfield for $54,220.31 from December 2018 through February 2019. This legal firm provides legal services for the Village and the Planning Commission. Legal bills were very high due in part to the recent case where the Put-in-Bay Mayor was sentenced after the Mayor was charged with several criminal counts, which were resolved in a recent plea deal.


Tony White has received a business license to operate a Put-in-Bay Taxi company. Jeff Jankowski has applied for a business license to bring “E-Bikes” to the Island, primarily to give tours around the island. The Mayor and the Fiscal Officer will review Mr. Jankowski’s business license. A fixed location was missing from the application, making it incomplete.


Council approved the installation of a 4-ft. by 13-ft. “Lake Erie Love” sign along the lakefront by the city docks. The sign is not only an advertisement for the Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau, but when installed, will also be a photo opportunity location.


Approval was given for the installation hookup for TV and wifi for the police housing at Fredrick’s House located behind the Senior Center. The money will be paid out of the general fund. Any monthly charges that are incurred will be the tenant’s responsibility. Mayor Dress started a discussion of Employee Housing Agreements and Rent per unit. Both were referred to the Property/ Town Hall Committee for further review.


Legal counsel was directed to review the process for creating a Merger Commission to establish one government entity for the islands. Councilman Kelly Faris has been recommending this for some time now. Voters would have to vote on establishing a commission unless the Township and Village agreed to select one. The commission would consist of five people from the Village and five from the Put-in-Bay Township who would look into the issues. After the commission had finished its work, the voters would determine if the two island governments would merge into one.


Approve was given for the purchase of flags for the Village for $1,207.00. These Village burgee flags have been sold in the Village in the past. Retail outlets have also sold them before. An inventory will be needed to determine how many flags are in stock. The Fiscal Officer will take inventory, contract manufacturer, and present the council with a quote at the May meeting.


Approval was given for purchasing 75 electrical shock warning stickers for the Village’s A and C Docks. DeRivera Park is interested in purchasing 25 from the Village for their “B” Dock. The total amount would be$129.75.


At one of the Village Council April 2019 meetings, there was a discussion about extending sewer into areas of the village that currently do not have sewer access. Council was assured that the current sewage treatment plant could easily handle not only the homes in the village but also many homes in the township portion of the island. One of the exciting options for the Village is to allow low-pressure systems rather than gravity sewer lines.

There was also a discussion about properties on Detroit Ave. tying into the sewer system which serviced the Morgan Park Subdivision on East Point. Council also approved the payment of $20,000 to the EPA for the utility violation fines assessed last summer before new management came in and began working on turning things around at the water treatment plant. Mayor Dress recommended a pay raise for Mr. Jaime Mendoza, the Village’s water treatment plant operator.


Council granted Put-in-Bay School a temporary easement, up to 180 days, to be drafted by legal counsel to move tree trimming and lawn mowing equipment to a rear portion of the Frederick property, which they purchased from the Village. Anne Auger will meet with John Galvin from DeRivera Park and Barb Hunter from the Garden Club to discuss the future of Bathing Beach and the flower baskets and planting in the downtown park. The Village Dock Committee will come up with a revision of the dockage rates. Last year, the city docks took in $60,000 less than the previous summer.

At the water treatment plant, the Ozone project is underway. Kirk Brothers have completed a site survey, and Poggemeyer Design Group, the Village engineers, has staked the property. The EPA will visit the island to check the project’s progress. All parties are aware of a timeline that has been established for the completion of the project.

The administrator requested the approval of the council to donate an unused junk vehicle at the Utilities Department to the Fire Department for training purposes. The vehicle could be used to practice for events such as the recent Ice Rescue. Legal Counsel will draft a resolution declaring the vehicle unfit and obsolete.


Councilman. Faris has proposed removing the yellow parking curbs on Delaware Ave. between Toledo Ave. and the bathing beach, plus changing Delaware Ave. to one way. These topics were referred to the Rules and Ordinance Committee to review and revise. The committee met several days later.


The Fiscal Officer Courtney Blumensaadt gave an explanation of the 2018 Put-in-Bay Docks receipts and why there are discrepancies in cash and credit card totals. She is also working on better collections of the Resort Tax. One member joked that perhaps the Put-in-Bay Submarine might have a negative effect on the resort tax revenues due to a decrease in those taking the Miller Ferry Service.


Legal counsel requests the council to enter into an Executive Session to discuss Pending and Threatened Litigation in the Village Council April 2019 meeting.


Mr. Boyles requested that the Village advertise for the Village Administrator Position. Anne Auger is currently the acting Village Administrator, a position she has held for the last several months. It is up to the mayor to bring a candidate to the Council for its approval. The meeting was adjourned, and this concluded the Village Council April 2019 meeting.

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