Put-in-Bay Railroad

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Island railroad tracks pulled up, headed for new home in Findlay, Ohio Islanders will recall the quarter-scale train Skip and Sharon Duggan had on their property out by the South Bass Island Lighthouse. The locomotive and cars were capable of pulling loads of kids around on the tracks Skip, Rob Mohn and another fellow laid in Duggan’s [...]

Haunted Spirits At Put-in-Bay!

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A new book, entitled Haunted Spirits in Put-in-Bay, was recently released at a launch party on Saturday, May 27th at Topsy Turvey’s. The author, William G. Krejci, signed copies, which were available for $19.95. The book received a worldwide release on Memorial Day and is now available everywhere for purchase. Haunted Spirits Put-in-Bay tells the stories [...]

Put-in-Bay Book Release

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Sara and Audrey’s new mother/daughter inspirational book released last month-Sara Booker and her daughter, Audrey Sheehan, collaborated on a new book, QUOTES about Boats, Lakes, Seas & Shore, which was released last month. Sara grew up on Put-in- Bay, and she has a summer cottage by Oak Point, with her husband, Trey, daughters, Audrey and Josie, [...]

Lake Erie Islands Civil War Part 3

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The War Between the States began on April 12th, 1861, when Confederate troops fired on Fort Sumter, a key fort occupied by Union troops in South Carolina. Like in any war, the problem of prisoners of war had to be dealt with. In the early part of the war, prisoners from both sides were paroled and [...]

Battle of Lake Erie Celebration

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The Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial is upon us. Most islanders are aware of the history of the Battle of Lake Erie and the famous Commodore who commanded his soldier/sailors who, for the first time in history, defeated a British fleet. Not surprisingly, many people have no idea what the Battle of Lake Erie fought out [...]

Put-in-Bay July 4th 2013

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Put-in-Bay, Ohio July 4th, 2013 - The July 4th, 2013 holiday will be full of activity at Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial this year as annual patriotic activities are joined with Centennial celebration. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the building of the International Peace Memorial, a national monument, and local treasure. In 1913, [...]

News About Put in Bay March 2013

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Put-in-Bay News-Lingering winter has islanders scurrying to open 2013 season-Spring officially came to the islands on March 20th but unofficially hasn’t really arrived. The ferry boats started running only a week before the printed schedule, and then only on and off as high winds, snow and cold temperatures kept them from running many trips. The Put [...]

Put-in-Bay Residents Serve In War

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Islanders Serve In War-It is no secret the Lake Erie Islands have a rich and vibrant past. The folks who settled the islands were in every sense pioneers cutting out small communities upon the rocky shores. Some of these individuals played important roles and we have many to thank for what the Lake Erie islands have [...]

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