July 2018 Diary From Put-in-Bay

July 2018 Diary  Sun., July 1st – A large algae bloom is spotted off the east shore of the island. Gordy Barr comes over to Put-in-Bay with his new island book. He and his wife, Kyle, enjoy dinner with Christie Ontko and Cliff Fulton at the Goat.

Mon., July 2nd – The M/V South Bass crew, Capt. Glenn Cooper, Bo Temniuk and Doug Wilhelm take a break from their Middle Bass run to change the oil in the engines. It’s a hot, messy job that requires replacing 35 gallons of oil in each engine. Sally and Jim Duffy host a get together with old Crew’s Nest pool people at their home in the evening.

Tues., July 3rd – It’s hot with a high temp in mid-80’s.

Wed., July 4th – You would think you’re at the United Nations in New York City if you were at Miller’s Dock on Catawba coming to Put-in-Bay. Lots of colorful dresses and many languages are heard. A group of 75 people who paid $100 per head are on top of the Monument to view the Put-in-Bay Fireworks. It’s a fundraiser for the Perry Group. It was similar to a Put-in-Bay July 4th

Thurs., July 5th – There are numerous problems with Verizon cell phone. A call to Verizon verifies there were 26 troubleshooting tickets called in within 24 hours. Put-in-Bay police say the main administrative phone numbers into the police department are down for
incoming calls.

Fri., July 6th – There a graduation party in the afternoon at Heineman Winery for Ty and Jeanne Burgess’s grandson, Kaveh, from California. BayviewAve. is blocked to traffic between the Crew’s Nest and Topsy Turvey’s for a time in the evening as the EMS attends to a lady who ended up lying in the street next to the curb in front of the Market House.

Sat., July 7th – A visiting scum bag swipes the tips at Joe’s Bar. There are no Put-in-Bay Babies to report this month.

Sun., July 8th – Put-in-Bay Community Swim/Sail hosts a pancake breakfast at the yacht club. Thankfully, there’s Bloody Mary bar open for members.

Mon., July 9th – The Ottawa County Commissioners meet with members of the Put-in-Bay Visitors & Convention Bureau Chamber of Commerce at their monthly meeting at the pavilion at the Miller Boat Line Marina. Someone is firing off fireworks on the northwest shore of East Point.

Tues., July 10th – Village officials meet with state auditors who will be conducting a review of the 2017 and first-half 2018 Village financial dealings.

Wed., July 11th – The 130-plus-year-old cottage, Seven Gables, at the entrance to Shore Villas just east of the Monument is torn down.

Thurs., July 12th – Donna Glisman from Checker Cab spots three baby deer eating grass in the field by the turnaround at the lighthouse.
The Animal Wellness Clinic takes place at the Kowalski’s on Mike’s Drive on East Point. Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory host a free public webinar to explain NOAA’s 2018 Seasonal Forecast of Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) forecast for Lake Erie, including expert commentary and a discussion of the history of this issue on Lake Erie.

Fri., July 13th – The Smithfield Co. has a BBQ Rib promotion at the Island General Store. They set up a tent and grills in the parking lot. A full slab of fully of delicious BBQ Ribs was $10 and a half slab was only $5. There was a pool party at Put-in-Bay Resorts Blue Marin Swim Up Bar today. Swim/Sail awards were given out at the yacht club in the evening. Also in the evening, Amy Thwaite (Put-in-Bay Hign School Class of 1995) and Efrem Lewis are married by Rob Hard from the Bike Shop at the Thwaite home on the South Shore.

Sat., July 14th – Billy Market welcomes a member of the Port Clinton High School Class of 1979 who come over to the island for a day of fun. There’s a gala at the yacht club to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Gardner Trophy which is awarded to a worthy young sailor each
year. There’s a 50th birthday party for Scott Sadowsky on East Point.

Sun., July 15th – The antique car parade participants meet at Mr. Ed’s Bar & Grill following the afternoon parade. The young sailors
who will be taking part in the four-day of races for the Inter-Lake Yachting Association’s Junior Bay Week arrive on the island.

Mon., July 16th – The 63rd Junior Bay Week begins with a great first day for sailing.

Tues., July 17th – Veterans from the Ohio Veterans Home in Sandusky visit the island for a picnic, festivities, and Bingo. Al Ashley from the Hardware Store is seen enjoying a margarita and Put-in-Bay Cigar at Margaritas on the Rock at Harbour Square.

July 2018 Diary -July 18th – There’s no electric service on Mitchell Rd. in the early AM. Matt Keech who had Cameo Pizza before Roger and Joan Rhoad celebrate his 50th birthday with island friends at the Reel Bar. The Junior Bay Sailors are all dressed up for dinner at the Niagara Event Center.

July 2018 Diary -Thurs., July 19th – After sailing in the morning, the Junior Sailors find out which teams win awards in the afternoon. Denice Santos holds one of the yoga classes for kids at the Town Hall in the afternoon.

Fri., July 20th – Billy Market warns island businesses to keep an eye out for on the island for counterfeit $100 bills after one was taken in by the ticket booth on Catawba. One of the engines on the M/V Put-in-Bay, Miller’s biggest boat, has water pump problems. The ferry is taken out of service just as crowds are coming to Put-in-Bay for the big weekend. There’s a head-on accident between a small car and a taxi on the
Goat hill on Catawba Ave. after dark. Fortunately, injuries were minor. The Put-in-Bay Plant Sale was a huge success.

July 2018 Diary -Sat., July 21st – Put-in-Bay Police Chief Steve Riddle addresses the property owners meeting and the Senior Center and tells them there are more than 130 law enforcement officers will be on the island to keep things safe on this what has become the worst day of each tourist season in recent years. The traffic in the downtown area was in gridlock like no one has ever seen before.

Sun., July 22nd – The trash is picked up and things are back to normal except for all the bad social media and news reports about the day before. The antique car people gather at the Reel Bar following the afternoon parade. A boat runs aground at the tip of East Point.

Mon., July 23rd – A beautiful rainbow appears over the islands. The Red Cross is on the island to take blood. Some of the Martini Monday ladies are at Goat. Some of the members of the Put-in-Bay Wine Club heads to Kelleys Island to sample vineyard juice from that island.
The Associated Yacht Clubs (AYC) hold a meeting at Put-in-Bay Yacht Club.

July 2018 Diary  Tues., July 24th – There’s a meeting at the Monument Visitors Center to discuss the latest Accessibility Management Plan Overview. There was considerable discussion about handicapped accessibility at the park. The plan calls for no parking at the immediate front of the Monument on Bayview Ave. The Coast Guard is out after dark looking for a jet skier near Ballast Island.

July 2018 Diary  Wed., July 25th – The Put-in-Bay Garden Club has a very successful 2018 Home and Garden Tour. It’s Lobstermania at the Boardwalk. Former Lakeview Allotment resident Sybil Larcey is visiting the island from her home on Catawba for her 92nd birthday. After
the Goat closes down, the staff enjoys a Christmas turkey and prime rib dinner and a gift exchange.

Thurs., July 26th – It’s Liesl Jackson’s second birthday. There’s a lunchtime party for her at Jackson’s stone house near the airport.

Fri., July 27th – Crystal Carmen of The US Commerce Department addressed customs and private industry attendees on principles
of tariff classification at the Town Hall. The event was sponsored by the nonprofit Space Coast World Trade Council headed up by
Bill Cantillon of East Point. The Jeep Invasion starts with about 85 Jeeps parking on the vacant lot at the corner of Airport and Meechen Rds.
A drone flies overhead and takes a photo of them parked so they spell out “PIB.” There are loads of fishermen in boats as far as you can see as you face southeast from the Monument.

Sat., July 28th – The Jeep Invaders have a “Shine N Show” at Heineman Winery, an island scavenger in the afternoon and a reception at T&J’s Smokehouse in the evening. Business is booming on this last perfect-weather Saturday of July.

Sun., July 29th – Mark Wilhelm is busy all morning helping to install the first story for the Put-in-Bay StoryWalk Trail in the Dodge Woods Nature Preserve. A few Jeeps join in the antique car parade. The Miller Ferry harbor cam has a live view of the parade. The after parade is at the Getaway Inn at Cooper’s Woods.

Mon., July 30th – Vacation Bible Camp begins at the Town Hall. All three island churches take part. The Jeeps are gone, so now the “Amphicar” swim-in group arrives for some island fun.

Tues., July 31st – We can’t believe July is gone. It hardly seems like the season has begun!