Put in Bay Police Blotter

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With the cold of the winter months, we had time to peruse the police records and the following are just a few of the items found on the Put in Bay Police blotter here on the island last June. The Put in Bay Police blotter is public record and available for anyone to see. There are [...]

Put-in-Bay Property Owners

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Members of the Put-in-Bay Property Owners Association met at the Senior Center for their meeting. The meeting was led by President Jim Duffy from Squaw harbor who introduced the guest speakers for the day, Mayor Mack McCann, Police Chief Steve Riddle, Township Trustee Chris Cooper and Patrick Myers from the Put-in-Bay Township Port Authority. Mayor Mack [...]

Stolen Put-in-Bay Golf Cart

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Put-in-Bay Ohio — A 33-year old man from Sandusky was drunk when he stole a golf cart and then crashed at Put-in-Bay. As a result of the crash, his passenger was severely injured. Michael T. McCombs was charged with Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle, a felony of the 4th degree, aggravated vehicular assault a felony 2nd [...]

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