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Photo of Chief Riddle Speaking to Property OwnersMembers of the Put-in-Bay Property Owners Association met at the Senior Center for their meeting. The meeting was led by President Jim Duffy from Squaw Harbor who introduced the guest speakers for the day, Mayor Mack McCann, Police Chief Steve Riddle, Township Trustee Chris Cooper, and Patrick Myers from from the Put-in-Bay Township Port Authority. Mayor Mack McCann discussed the waterline replacement and extension on Victory Ave., explaining how doing the work in small increments means considerable cost savings on the project. The road will be repaved soon.

He also discussed plans for the Frederick property on Erie St., which is currently used for police housing. Plans call for additional public parking on the property. He also discussed the ozone treatment for the Put-in-Bay village water supply to combat the microcystins coming from the algal blooms in the lake where we get our drinking water from.

Put-in-Bay Police Chief Steve Riddle introduced himself and Lt. Doug Miller, who talked about the philosophy of the department this season. He made the distinction between “cops” and “police” and emphasized having the officers use “verbal judo” to de-escalate situations. He also talked about officer discretion and the difference between the “letter of the law” and the “color of the law.”

Miller also said rookie officers would always accompany a veteran officer when going out on calls. Chief Riddle also discussed new officer training and police department house checks in the offseason. He emphasized his goal to regain respect for the island police department. He also gave those present his cell phone number and told them to call him directly if there were any problems involving any of the officers.

There was also discussion about an island-wide telephone system for emergencies, internet service on the Put-in-Bay Village docks, the noise ordinance, police body cams, Christmas in July, and the number of officers in the department. Put-in-Bay Township Trustee Chris Cooper talked about the fire department’s newest truck, the EMS’s three automated CPR machines on the islands, road striping, and new plots becoming available in Crown Hill Cemetery. He also answered questions about the West Shore ice ramps and recycling batteries.

Patrick Myers from the Put-in-Bay Port Authority announced he would be retiring from that body after 17 years of service. In his last public appearance for the PA, he talked about grants for building and equipment, where funding comes from for its operation, and a newly proposed hangar that would be built at the Put-in-Bay Airport so the Ford Trimotor could give tours like are given now in Port Clinton.

Kathi Spayde talked about the Put-in-Bay Property Owners website which she has been working on. Interested parties can log onto see what the group is doing. President Jim Duffy continues promoting membership among South Bass Island property owners. The Put-in-Bay Property Owners’ next meeting is Saturday, June 17th, at 10 a.m. at the Senior Center. Please attend if you are a property owner and are interested in joining.


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