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Put in Bay Police Blotter Some funny Some Sad But All Interesting!

With the cold of the winter months, we had time to peruse the police records, and the following are just a few of the items found on the Put in Bay Police blotter here on the island last June. The Put in Bay Police blotter is a public record available for anyone. There are sad things on it, comedic things on it, and tragic things on it. Something like this happens in every community. Fortunately, the good and positive things still outweigh the bad regarding island living.

On June 7th, Put in Bay Police responded to a call and found a smoking pizza had set off a fire alarm. Evidently, the person fell asleep while waiting for his dinner to cook. They also responded to a call on Langram Road and Concord Avenue involving a car pulling a skateboarder on the road. A man ran a van into a trash receptacle on private property on West Shore Blvd. He was cited for failure to control and not stopping after an accident.

A Michigan man was charged with theft and criminal trespass after stealing an energy drink from a Put-in-Bay Bar. On Saturday, June 8th, Put in Bay Police charged a man with public urination when he urinated on one of the Put-in-Bay Police Departments Golf Carts. We’re sure this man will proudly tell his grandchildren about that exploit.

A Chicago man was found passed out in a yard and thought he was with his parents back home and couldn’t remember booking a Put-in-Bay hotel room on the island. A Pennsylvania man passed out at a Put-in-Bay swim-up bar at 4 a.m. and didn’t know how to get home. A Uniontown, Ohio, man was charged with an open container violation after driving his Put-in-Bay Golf Carts while carrying a closed bottle of whiskey and drinking vodka from a plastic cup. A Mansfield man refused to leave a bar after being disruptive and dancing erratically. Security guards wrestled him to the ground, but he bit one guard’s thumb in the scuffle. We hope the security guard had his shots!

Shortly after midnight on June 9th, a man was charged with disorderly conduct, intoxication, and possession of marijuana. He passed out in the park while carrying a bag of marijuana. A romantic pair were charged with public indecency in the downtown park, and we will leave the rest to your imagination. The woman was charged with falsification when she provided police with another woman’s driver’s license. It turns out she was really a school teacher from Toledo! A Van Wert,

Ohio man smoking a blunt outside a Delaware Ave. bar was charged with possession of marijuana. He claimed it “wasn’t his” after hiding it behind his back when police arrived. A man lost his cell phone and asked for assistance in finding it. Put in Bay Police were able to locate it in his back pocket.

On June 12th, police found a Stow, Ohio, man lying in the grass near Langram Road and Toledo Avenues. He didn’t know how to get home. Upon further questioning, it was determined he did not know where “home” was.

On Thursday, June 13th, a man’s golf cart went missing, and police later found it abandoned in the 300 block of Loraine Ave. A Brownstown, Michigan man was charged with operating his Put-in-Bay Golf Carts under the influence on June 14th after deliberately driving into someone he knew. He told police he was joking around. No one was injured, but the court will probably make this an expensive joke.

A man and woman ordering Put-in-Bay Pizza one night began arguing, and the lady slapped the man. No charges were filed, but the suspected slapper later called the police and accused them of illegally detaining her. We wonder if the argument was over mushrooms or not.

On June 15th, a Hillsdale, Michigan, man was charged with obstructing official business. Officers smelled burning marijuana. The man fled on foot, but officers caught him and found he carried suspected marijuana. The man produced a medical marijuana card from Michigan. How convenient had he been in Michigan! Put In Bay Police, and EMS responded to a call on Erie Street one night in mid-June. A Toledo man deliberately ran before a truck after arguing with his girlfriend. The car was going about ten mph, but the man was seriously injured, and Life flew to Toledo for treatment.

A Cleveland Heights man was charged with inducing panic after jumping off the Jet Express into the water, planning to swim ashore to join his friends who missed the boat. Over on Middle Bass, a Delaware, Ohio, man, and a Marion, Ohio man was suspected of damaging a bar’s fence, tiki idols, and two golf carts. A Port Clinton man was charged with public urination after he told police a man on a docked boat threatened to beat him up, and so to get back at him, he urinated on his ship.

A Columbus, Ohio, man found on the West Shore suspected he was drugged while drinking. He didn’t remember returning home or leaving his wife. Put in Bay Police were called to a Delaware Ave ATM Machine to answer a complaint about the ATM not dispensing the correct amount of money. The woman had requested $200. Police pointed out to the complainant that the available balance on her receipt was $34.88. Case Closed.


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