Village Council May 2016

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The Put-in-Bay Village Council met in April and one of the first items of business was to hire Steve Riddle as the new Village Administrator. Steve graciously accepted the position and literally got to work as soon as the appointment was made. The controversial new ordinance requiring “intimidation barriers” at island bars with outdoor areas fronting [...]

Put-in-Bay Events 2015

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Well, we’ve had a month to get a feel for Put-in-Bay Events 2015, but now it’s time to really take a look ahead at the coming year and coming season and see what’s in store for Put-in-Bay and the other islands. Probably the biggest thing this year is the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the [...]

Put-in-Bay News 2014

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News from 2014 at Put-in-Bay Top News Stories from 2014-Another year on the island has ended. 2014 at Put-in-Bay was filled with events and happenings which make for great soap operas. There was love, danger, good, evil, controversy, fun, tragedy, drama, mystery and more. We won’t go into all the love affairs of this past year, but [...]

Police Lose Court Case

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Judge rules in Police Case about impound lot case-Ottawa County Pleas Court Judge Bruce Winters recently handed down a ruling on a police case involving the impounding of two golf carts belonging to Tim Niese by the Put-in-Bay Police Department. One of Tim’s Put-in-Bay Golf Carts was pulled over by police on East Point a couple [...]

Village Council Notes March 2013

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Village Council Notes-The Put-in-Bay Village Council met twice in February, first for an informal workshop and two weeks later for its official monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 20th. Former Put-in-Bay mayor Judy Berry resigned her seat on Council in early February. Jake Market was appointed to fill her seat until next fall’s election. Jake’s grandfather, Bill [...]

News May 2012

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Put In Bay News reports that The first “reality TV show,” the Great Food Truck Race, will be coming to Put in Bay the first week and the second weekend of June to film an episode. The program is one of the series on the Food Network and involves competitors who visit various locations, primarily cities, around [...]

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