Put-in-Bay Diary:

This category details events that occur on a day to day basis in any given month or year, plus snippets of daily island life in Lake Erie.

Put-in-Bay Diary March 2017

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Put-in-Bay Diary March 2017-Events and happenings on the Island! Put-in-Bay Diary- Wed March 1st - There is an Ash Wednesday service at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in the morning. Dale Burris has the North Bass boat “Cold Duck” is in the water. 50+ mile per hour winds bring down a tree in Don and Rosi Stephens [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary December 2016

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Put-in-Bay Diary Thurs-Dec. 1st - The Put-in-Bay High School basketball teams leave Put-in-Bay for the long bus trip north to Mackinac Island to play their Lake team. Put-in-Bay Diary Fri-Dec. 2nd - Eighty-nine Panther team members and island fans tour the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. Put-in-Bay Diary Sat., Dec. 3rd - Eighth grader Blake Booker [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary February 2017

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Put-in-Bay Diary Jan. 1st-North Bass Island. John Glauser brings a boat over from Middle Bass for the Ullr Fest that takes place to appease the God of Ice and Snow. The event takes place on the waterfront between the Boardwalk and A-Dock. Put-in-Bay Diary-Mon., Jan. 2nd - Chamber meeting takes place at Town Hall after lunch. [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary May 2016

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Put-in-Bay Diary -Fri., Apr. 1st - It’s Caroline Conrad’s birthday and she celebrates with friends at Tipper’s. The final 2016 championship dart league games are played at Topsy Turvey’s. Put-in-Bay Diary-Sat., Apr. 2nd - In spite of the really lousy weather and gale warnings, some from Put-in-Bay are at the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce’s Spring Fundraiser [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary May 2015

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Put-in-Bay Diary -Wed., Apr. 1st - Mayor Ruth Scarpelli appoints an interim police chief to replace Chief Ric Lampela while he remains on administrative leave. The Junior/Senior Class Trip to Hawaii begins and the others in school get their report cards Put-in-Bay Diary-Thurs., Apr. 2nd - Miller Boat Line begins ferry service for 2015. Service was [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary December 2014

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Island Diary December 2014 Put-in-Bay Diary- Mon., Dec. 1st - In a rare evening meeting of the Village Council there is a discussion about talking to the Ottawa County Sheriff about taking over police protection from the Put-in-Bay police department. Todd Navarre is on the last ferry returning to the island and takes photos of the [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary June 2014

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Put-in-Bay Diary-Sun., June 1st - There’s a boat aground on the reef extending off Middle Bass Island’s East Point. Rick and Sherri Smith boat over from Pelee Island to visit Put-in-Bay. The first 2014 season games of the Lake Erie Islands Mens Softball League are played. Put-in-Bay Diary-Mon., June 2nd - Jacob Market gets his 100-ton [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary April 2014

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Put-in-Bay Diary-Tues., Apr. 1st - The lake has floating ice blowing by, but the harbor is still locked in. The tug is used for the village dock project breaks ice to Squaw Harbor where the ferries have been locked in. Dustin Heineman is busy taking down the Christmas decorations at Heineman Winery. Put-in-Bay Diary-Wed., Apr. 2nd [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary February 2014

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Put-in-Bay Diary -Sat., Feb. 1st - There’s a slushy and rainy pig roast ice party between the Boardwalk and the Village’s A-Dock. The Island Band performs at Tipper’s. Put-in-Bay Diary-Sun., Feb. 2nd - It’s Linda’s Parker’s birthday and Superbowl Sunday. Gorgeous snow covered trees make for the truly beautiful winter day on the island. Put-in-Bay Diary-Mon., [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary January 2014

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Put-in-Bay Diary-Wed., Jan. 1st - Cliff Fulton and Christie Ontko have friends in for Bloody Marys in the morning. The upstairs of the Town Hall could have been the poster picture for “what a great New Year’s dance that was.” Those who came to clean up had a job ahead of them. Put-in-Bay Diary-Thurs., Jan. 2nd [...]

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