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Put-in-Bay Diary February 2014 What Happened & When!

Put-in-Bay Diary -Sat., Feb. 1st – There’s a slushy and rainy pig roast ice party between the Boardwalk and the Village’s A-Dock. The Island Band performs at Tippers.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Sun., Feb. 2nd – It’s Linda Parker’s birthday and Superbowl Sunday. Gorgeous snow-covered trees make for a beautiful winter day on the island.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Mon., Feb. 3rd – Council and Chamber have their only meetings of the month rescheduled for school break.

Put-in-Bay Diary   Tues., Feb. 4th – To beat another big snowstorm, passengers kept the pilots at Put-in-Bay Airport busy flying to the mainland. Property owners get sticker shock with new Property Taxes Bill.

Put-in-Bay Diary   Wed., Feb. 5th – The picture from the webcam on top of Cooke’s Castle on Gibraltar Island is pretty much light gray, a blend of fog and snow. So much for good visibility, Due to Ottawa County being under a level 3 snow emergency
Put-in-Bay’s School is closed.

Put-in-Bay Diary   Thurs, Feb. 6th – The 10th Annual Put-in-Bay Music Festival at Sloppy Joe’s in Key West. Appearing are several favorite Put-in-Bay acts, including Bob Gatewood, Ray Fogg, Mike “Mad Dog” Adams, and the Coolest SOB in the World, Patrick
Huston Dailey!

Fri., Feb. 7th – John Dodge, David Washtock, Bridget Wise, and Donna Steinbach headed out on snowmobiles and a four-wheeler to mark an ice trail between the SBI Lighthouse and Catawba. Put-in-Bay School dismisses early for the midwinter vacation.

Sat., Feb. 8th – Ray Fogg and Andy Christensen announce the new name for Tony’s Garage – The Reel Bar on Facebook. A six-person group of snowmobilers came across the lake from Kelleys Island to PIB to enjoy some time at Tippers. Cases of Miller beer were delivered to the island by airboat.

Sun., Feb. 9th – Once again, there is snow on Sunday, but thanks to Todd Blumensaadt, both churches are plowed and ready to welcome worshippers. Mother Mary Staley saw a large buck on Mitchell Road twice in the afternoon.

Mon., Feb. 10th – Normally, there would be a Village Council meeting, but with so many people off the island for the mid-winter school break, the meeting was held on Monday,

Tues., Feb. 11th – Robin Glauser from Middle Bass drills 12 1/2 inches out by Ballast Island. Supplies arriving on the island for the Island General store included a big box of Peeps and other Easter candy in the delivery. It’s not even Valentine’s Day yet! Easter is April 20th, several weeks away. Linda Parker says it’s official. She is not shoveling any more snow this winter.

Wed., Feb. 12th- What do Put-in-Bay High School students do during their February winter break? Art Wolf from Middle Bass was out ice fishing by sunrise and caught 11 lbs 29 walleye. Bud Stonerook loses his Dayglo orange spud bar off his ATV somewhere on the ice between North Bass and Put-in-Bay. Speaking of fishing, Mark Mathys is in Costa Rica competing in the World Billfish tournament with his crew aboard the Marlin Darlin.

Put-in-Bay Diary  Thurs., Feb. 13th – The ice crack leading from South Bass to Green Island is working.

Fri., Feb. 14th – J.F, Walleye’s on Middle Bass opens in the afternoon. The dining room at Tipper’s is decorated for Valentine’s
Day! Red and white tablecloths and big red heart decorations hanging from the ceiling.

Sat., Feb. 15th – If you were flying over the Bass Islands, you’d have seen them all covered with snow and surrounded by snow-covered ice. Roger and Mary Parker snowmobile over to the island to bring Marsha Parker, who was desperately low on food for the birds, a load of birdseed. Over at J.F. Walleye’s, Ed Durica is a second-time winner with an 11lb 1oz walleye in the bar’s fishing daily fishing contest.

Melinda McCann is Lifeflighted off the island after a snowmobile accident on the ice in the early evening while returning to the Bay from Middle Bass Island. Bud Stonerook from North Bass makes the news again when his ice car breaks down on the ice. He leaves it on the ice overnight when AAA doesn’t come to his rescue.

Sun., Feb. 16th – Friends using three ATVs pull Bud’s ice car off the ice back to terra firma on North Bass Island.

Mon., Feb. 17th – Red sky in the morning. What’s coming next weather-wise?. It is reported in a mainland news article that “All the men on site (village dock project) shared a positive and cheerful disposition, despite the winter weather advisory issued for tonight.” It’s the first day of school after the winter break. Mike Byrnes and DJ Parker go across the ice to the mainland. Mike is on cross-country skis, and DJ is on his trusty bicycle.

Tues. Feb. 18th – After more overnight snow (about five inches), flights to the island resume after being on hold early in the morning.

Tues., Feb. 18th – CBS is calling to do a story about this icy, snowy winter.

Wed., Feb. 19th – Dustin Hayes Heineman is getting a winter tour of the Brig Niagara in Erie, PA.

Thurs., Feb. 20th -Jeanette and Tim Luecke join the ranks of Bernie and Mary Ann Meyers, Chris and Heidi Ladd, and Christie Ontko when their furnace goes out. There is lightning and thunder around the islands.

Fri., Feb. 21st – Topsy Turvey’s is open to register entrants in the Jer-Bear & Kurt Walleye Tournament. Their kitchen is open and serving Cubans! Someone should call Border Patrol!

Sat., Feb. 22nd – Tournament day starts off with 30 mph winds out of the southwest. Mary Wells reports the trees in Duff’s Woods, where she lives, are dancing like they want to slip their moorings and sail away. Timmy Niese wins a trophy for the biggest fish of the day at the Jer-Bear & Kurt Walleye Tournament. The Chocolate Fest takes place at the Put-in-Bay Library. Calories are obviously not being counted by the sweet-toothed attendees.

Sun., Feb. 23rd – The ice on the lake is so smooth; Robin Burris Cadez reports her dad, Dale Burris, travels from North Bass to Put-in-Bay in only eleven minutes. Mark Wilhelm hit a not-so-smooth spot and ended up being thrown off his
ATV. Fortunately, he was not seriously hurt, just sore.

Mon., Feb 24th – Joey Wolf from the Township, Karen Wilhelm from the Library, and Maisie Ruchala from the Senior Center all have something in common this day. They are busy sending by email to the Put-in-Bay Gazette for the
March issue.

Tues., Feb. 25th – The tug Ohio, scheduled to break the ice into Put-in-Bay harbor, doesn’t show up. Tippers says it’s time to stop in and make your guess when you think the first boat will run.

Wed., Feb. 26th – Islanders are watching the slow ice-breaking progress of the tug Ohio as it makes its way up the east side of South Bass and comes around into the Bay from the northeast. The Put-in-Bay Dock Project can now continue!

Thurs., Feb. 27th – The iPhone and iPad 101 program at the Put-in-Bay Library was canceled earlier, so those anxious about learning about their Smart devices have to wait until March 6th, when it has been rescheduled to take place. Subzero temps are forecast for the night.

Fri., Feb. 28th – The senior class at Put-in-Bay High School is having a second pizza night to raise money for its class trip.


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