Put in Bay Diary Mon., Apr. 1st – Members of Put in Bay’s American Legion post attend the Put-in-Bay Village Council meeting and
present a new flag for the Town Hall in appreciation of the Village’s support for their program to decorate phone poles with flags for the bicentennial celebration.

Put in Bay Diary Tues., Apr. 2nd – Art Wolf and Wayne Weber are getting the water turned on at Stone Lab.

Put in Bay Diary -Wed., Apr. 3rd – Guests on Radio WPIB Wednesday morning’s “Talk at Ten” are Chris Krueger, Anita McCann
, and Marc Wright. Chris and Anita talk about running multiple businesses on the island, and Marc discusses plans for the fairly new Old Forge Cafe and Creperie at the former Blacksmith Shop on Catawba Avenue. If you miss the Wednesday morning programs on WPIB, putinbayradio. com, you can always go to the website and click on the “Talk at Ten” archive.

Put in Bay Diary Thurs., Apr. 4th – Mike Serfozo from Del Sol is busy unloading boxes and boxes of items for his shop at Harbour Square. The ballots are due at the Chamber of Commerce to decide how the organization will handle Christmas in July in years to come. At Put-in-Bay Airport, a National Guard unit from Columbus is conducting a hazardous material exercise. It’s a beautiful day for a boat ride, so Billy Market, Paula Garsteck, Jennifer Yaw, Ashley Rill, Brandon Eger and Audrey Socha take the first boat ride from Put-in-Bay to Kelleys Island.

Put in Bay Diary Fri., Apr. 5th – Up on North Bass, the residents of the island have an outdoor lunch picnic. There was a great turnout for the Suzanne Kostura Benefit a Tipper’s. You’ve got to be proud of a community which shows such support.

Put in Bay Diary Sat. Apr. 6th – On Middle Bass Island, recycling officially begins. Tanya Burgess (Put in Bay High School Class of 1987) and Rudy Cooks (Put in Bay High School Class of 1987) were at Senior Center interviewing Put in Bay High School Alumni
and videotaped them as they talked about the school day memories. Saturday to reminisce about your school years! The families of Carol Hales and Betty Kinsey held a memorial service in their honor at Maple Leaf Cemetery.

Put in Bay Diary Sun., Apr. 7th – There’s another one of those delicious pancake breakfasts at the Put in Bay Vol. Fire Dept.

Put in Bay Diary Mon., Apr. 8th -Several Put-in-Bay hotels and  Put in Bay Bed and Breakfast owners were at the Village Council meeting to voice their opposition to the new bed tax ordinance proposed by the village.

Put in Bay Diary Tues., Apr. 9th – Scrapbookers are at the Town Hall for their last session of the season.

Wed., Apr. 10th – There’s rain with gloomy squalls and thunder.

Thurs., Apr. 11th – Lake conditions make for rough ferry trips, and the last runs of the day are canceled. If you love the spring rains, today was your day. There was plenty of it. There’s a poker tournament at the fire station. The Put in Bay School Student Council sponsors a dance for the grade school students.

Fri., Apr. 12th – The Put in Bay Panther Archery team is at a meet in Maysville. Dolores Kowalski celebrates her 80th  birthday with all six of her sons. The Downtown Bus starts operating between Miller Boat Line’s Lime Kiln Dock. Cameo Pizza opens for the season.

Sat., Apr. 13th – At Heineman Winery and Crystal Cave the crew bottles 550 gallons of White Riesling. The Round House Bar has its opening party for 2013.The Village Pump on Kelleys Island opens with its 2013 Early Bird Party.

Sun., Apr. 14th – Ray Fogg presides at the Round House Bar as the Whiskey Light is turned on for the season.

Mon., Apr. 15th – Christie Ontko talks island gossip and politics with an island friend while supervising the flower planting skills of her betrothed, Cliff Fulton. Robin Greene takes her grandson, Aaron Hill, for a little stroller ride. Wow! It’s a busy day on Thompson Rd.

Tues., Apr. 16th – Scott Lobaido, the painter known for painting the American Flag on the roofs of buildings in all 50 states, including two at Put in Bay, is at the Round House painting the building for the celebration of its 140th anniversary. Joe Kostura is busy putting new concrete bases around the cannons in DeRivera Park. Berni Steinbach iMy arms and legs are sore, but just look at the fresh paint on the “Sonny S” —

Wed., Apr. 17th – Congratulations to Dustin Heineman who celebrated his 25th birthday. All kids and their adult lunch partners were welcomed at St. Paul’s for the last “Dinner Day” of the school year. The dress rehearsal for the Dramatic Society play, Wizard of Oz,
takes place at the Town Hall in the evening.

Thurs., Apr. 18th – The new Schwan’s frozen food truck representative, Justin Rapp, is on the island with his GPS locating where all the Schwan’s customers live. If you’d like Justin to stop at your house, you can call him directly at (419) 256-3643 to get on his route.
Temperature hits 70 degrees on the island for the first time this spring. It’s the first night of the Dramatic Society’s play, The Wizard of Oz.

Fri., Apr. 19th – A sure sign of a new season is Frosty’s Opening Night Buffet. This has been an island tradition for more than 30 years. Among the new items being considered at Frosty Pizza is maybe a Perry Pizza. We doubt he ever tasted anything like a pizza,
but then having one being named after you almost 200 years after you die ain’t all bad!

Sat., Apr. 20th – Ouch! Put in Bay Islanders wake up to some snow on the ground in spite the fact temperatures recorded
at the South Bass Island Lighthouse weather station record no below-freezing temperatures overnight. The Perry Monument Quarter release ceremony is transferred from the Monument to the Niagara Event Center because of the cold. Mr. Ed’s annual Pajama Party warms up party animals in the evening. At the Town Hall, the third and final performance of the Wizard of Oz draws an audience of about 170 people. This is more than anyone can remember.

Sun., Apr. 21st – The infield at the Put in Bay ball diamond at the school is getting a once-over in preparation for the 2013 Lake Erie Islands Mens League Softball season. Kelly Niese, Heidi Ladd, and Liz Knauer return to the island after taking the Put-in-Bay Girl Scouts on an overnight trip to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan.

Mon., Apr. 22nd – It’s Earth Day and the Put in Bay Girl Scouts are at the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center to pull the invasive garlic mustard. Pulling the garlic mustard plants helps the beautiful native wildflowers like the Dutchman’s breeches. Miller Boat Line’s M/V William Market is chartered to set buoys marking the Davis Bessie nuclear power plant on the main shore west of
the islands.

Tues., Apr. 23rd – Carl Krueger and Tommy Dailey busied themselves inspecting the sidewalks in front of the Island Surf Shop and Mojito Bay to figure out what should be torn up and replaced. The Boardwalk crew is putting the mooring buoys in the harbor.

Wed., Apr. 24th – An all-day rain comes one day after a group of roofers leaves the island. Roofs were put on the old Blacksmith Shop, the Doller House and outbuildings and the buildings at the Put in Bay Yacht Club. Congratulations to Tipper’s euchre winners -1st
place women Lois Jellison, 2nd place Jeanne Burgess. 1st place men Gary Hartzel, 2nd place Gibby. That’s the end of Wednesday night euchre until October.

Thurs., Apr. 25th – The Arts Council hosts a photo exhibit at the Put in Bay Town Hall. We certainly enjoyed the Greek foods Marie Schroeder prepared for the event.

Fri., Apr. 26th – For the second time in three days the island’s phone and cell phone service goes on the blink for about an hour. The Village of Put in Bay’s Tree Commission holds its Annual Arbor Day Celebration at 4 p.m. at the bathing beach at the end of Delaware
Ave. In cooperation with the Put-in-Bay Garden Club, two thornless honey locust trees were planted. This was the first time we ever saw a sledgehammer being used to plant a tree. At the end of the plantings, you didn’t have to stand in line to take home a free evergreen seedling to plant. There’s a late afternoon baby shower for Kira Hubner at Heineman Winery. She and Dustin Heineman
are expecting a son very soon.

Sat., Apr. 27th – An Earth Day scavenger hunt took place with the OSU Stone Lab at the Scheeff East Point Nature
Preserve. Participants learned about snakes and Lake Erie. The Put in Bay firemen and EMS personnel are dressed
in Class A uniforms at services for the department’s long-time secretary, Martha Marquard. The first idiots of the season are off-roading in a golf cart in Cooper’s Woods and on the stone beach at the Put in Bay South Bass Island State Park. In the evening, there’s a surprise 40th birthday party for Christie Ontko. Christie is totally surprised by the those who pack her home in the evening. “It’s the best birthday I ever had!” she exclaims.

Sun., Apr. 28th – A rainy day welcomes the first Road Scholars group of the season to the islands.

Mon., Apr. 29th – Scott Sneller is in the Village Park getting to newly-restored antique street lamps working. The Wine Club meets at Put in Bay Winery at the Doller House and celebrates Robby Morrow’s birthday. Put-in-Bay Resort employees celebrate Mark Mathys birthday with a surprise luncheon.

Tues., Apr. 30th – Put in Bay is a beehive activity with everyone getting ready for the opening of the 2013 season. The new rum making machine arrives at the Put in Bay Brewing Co