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Put-in-Bay Diary Picture of HorsesPut-in-Bay Diary July 2017 All The Cool Things You May Have Missed!

Put-in-Bay Diary Sat., July 1st – Julie Roach is late for work in the morning because she stops to get donuts for the Boardwalk’s office staff. A young deer is seen running past Bathing Beach at the end of Put-in-Bay’s busy main street in the middle of the day.

The Middle Bass Island Club residents on the western tip of the island hold a big picnic. Bird banding experts Tom Kashmir, Lisa Rock, Paula Ziebarth, and Darlene Sillick work at the Scheeff East Point Preserve, banding young purple martins.

Put-in-Bay Diary Sun., July 2nd – The world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales arrive on three huge semi-trucks on Miller Boat Line and parade around the crowded downtown area in the afternoon. They are staged at McCann’s field.  The antique car post parade is at the Reel Bar. Onlookers waiting to board the Sonny S Ferry to Middle Bass spot some young people (in their twenties) rolling a golf cart off the seawall onto the beach between the Boardwalk and A-Dock and then running off before anyone can catch them. A young girl selling lemonade on Bayview Ave. makes $150 in three hours, including a $50 tip for two glasses of lemonade.

Put-in-Bay Diary Mon., July 3rd – There’s an hour-long Put-in-Bay Ohio Village Council meeting at the Town Hall. Supporters of Lake Erie and the Great Lakes meet at Bathing Beach and march around DeRivera Park. The Put in Bay Vol. Fire Dept. has a fire run in the late afternoon.

Put-in-Bay Diary Tues., July 4th – There’s a Naturalization Ceremony at the Monument Visitor Center in the morning and fireworks blown off a barge in the Put-in-Bay harbor at dark. Pre-parade sponsors for the antique car parade are the Kadars, Masons, Anteaus, and Poes. Nan and Marc Burr sponsor the post-parade at The Crew’s Nest.

Put-in-Bay Diary Wed., July 5th – It’s photo day for the Community Swim/Sail kids.

Put-in-Bay Diary Thurs., July 6th – Ocean-going sailors on the vessel Brigantia from Germany stop at Put in Bay. The captain and crew are members of the Gemeinschaft für Seefart. The Put-in-Bay Garden Club heads off the island to visit Schedel Arboretum & Gardens in Elmore, Ohio.

Put-in-Bay Diary Fri., July 7th – Workers are getting things ready for soccer matches to be held on Saturday at Mc-
Cann’s Field.

Put-in-Bay Diary Sat., July 8th – There’s a large crowd on the island. The Coast Guard’s 240-ft. icebreaker Mackinaw comes into port. The “Mighty Mac” is the largest Coast Guard icebreaker on the Great Lakes. The Mackinaw can cut through 42 inches of solid ice and over 12 feet of brash ice. A group of Muslims is seen praying in the Put in Bay village park. There’s a “White Party” at the Crew’s Nest Pool; almost everyone is dressed in white.

Put in Bay Diary Sun., July 9th – Noon Sharpening, Inc. is at the Kelleys Island Market. They will be sharpening knives at Island Hardware here at Put in Bay, Ohio, on Thursday, August 24th, to sharpen everything you need to be sharpened.

Put in Bay Diary Mon., July 10th – Author of “Haunted Put-in-Bay,” William Krejci, visits with a large group of interested ghost believers at the Put in Bay library.

Tues., July 11th – Put-in-Bay’s sharpest minds are at the Fishbowl for Trivia Nite.

Wed., July 12th – Island mystery writer Bob Adamov is a guest on www.putinbayradio.com’s Mike Adams morning show, talking about his newest book, Golden Torpedo. There’s a small barge off the south side of the Monument. We wonder what it’s doing there.

Thurs., July 13th – There are buckets of rain just before dawn! Too many drops to count, but Bob Reuter reports he had three inches in his rain gauge. Ohio Sea Grant’s Stone Laboratory will host a free public webinar to explain NOAA’s 2017 Seasonal Forecast of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) for Lake Erie, including expert commentary, a discussion of the history of this issue on Lake Erie, Ohio’s response to the problem, and a Q&A session

.Fri., July 14th – In the afternoon, Jim and Maria Wehrheim from Fox’s Den return to the Tiki Bar at the Bayshore, where they first met ten years ago. The Put in Bay Swim/Sail Awards are presented at Put in Bay Yacht Club in the evening.

Sat., July 15th – AmeriCorps intern Sam Newhouse leads a Middle Bass Island nature walk from the state park pavilion. The Middle Bass Music Festival occurs in the afternoon at the newly re-opened Lonz Winery at Middle Bass State Park. On South Bass, the Lake Erie Foundation holds a public forum for the Put-in-Bay Property Owners Association at the Senior Center. Guest speakers give an excellent talk about the health concerns of Lake Erie.

Sun., July 16th – Put in Bay EMS is called to the Crew’s Nest’s B-Dock in the morning for a boater who passed out. Put in Bay Yacht Club is brimming with activity as young sailors from yacht clubs all around the lakes arrive and get ready for Junior Bay Week. Steve Snyder and other Put in Bay Yacht Club members are at Topsy Turvey’s in the afternoon for a little libation. The antique car paraders rendezvous at Mr. Ed’s after their drive through town.

Mon., July 17th – The Junior I-LYA sailors have their first day of racing at Put in Bay with the perfect sailing weather. Nature camp starts for kids 7 to 10 years of age.

Tues., July 18th – Students in Professor Bade’s Ecology of Inland Waters class on Stone Lab visited Hancock County’s Stateler Family Farms. The students received a tour of the farm’s hog facility and their various ‘Edge of Field’ sites, including a ‘Phosphorous Capture’ water monitor and water capture structures that combat the issue of standing water within the crop fields. The students were spoken to by the farm owners and members of the Natural Resource Conservation Society on issues like nutrient and manure run-off, as well as practices to avoid run-off as much as possible.

Wed., July 19th – Catcher Greg Auger is injured and breaks his leg while playing a men’s league softball game on Put in Bay when an opposing player slides into home plate.

Thurs., July 20th – Junior Bay Week with all its young preppy sailors at Put in Bay is over, and islanders now prepare for the biggest weekend of the season, “Christmas in July.”

Fri., July 21st – The big blow-up Santa in the Crew’s Nest’s front yard signals Christmas’s arrival in July. Brian Cultice is delivering pizzas for Cameo. Ten years ago, before marrying the heiress to the Cameo fortune, Justine Rhoad, that was his full-time summer job on the island.

Sat., July 22nd – As she leaves the island before 10 a.m. Sue Thwaite reports the early morning ferries were packed with people coming over to the island. As she leaves the Catawba dock for her mainland destination, she counts four busses by the pier, plus seven at the old Walmart store and 13 by the new Walmart store, where they wait all day before picking up their passengers for the later return trip home.

Sun., July 23rd – At 5 a.m. Put in Bay Village workers Scott Sneller and Jim Glauser are pretty much cleaning up the litter left from the revelers celebrating Put in Bay Christmas in July the night before. A big thanks to all those who put the town back together and made it look good for the next round of visitors.

One Chapman Rd. Resident Bill Kehoe had the best compliment of all. “The park looked as clean as a Wednesday morning after a slow Tuesday night.” Tony Kowalski’s golf cart is stolen from the gas station at 7 a.m. and is found flipped over and abandoned in front of Adventure Bay. The employees at Put-in-Bay Winery enjoyed a great turkey dinner together.

Mon., July 24th – ABC Channel 6 from Columbus, Ohio, arrives at Put in Bay to film an interview with Scott and Caroline Jackson and some of their crew at the Put in Bay Restaurant Goat Soup and Whiskey’s Biergarten in the morning. What a nice summer day with mild temperatures!

Tues., July 25th – The Put in Bay Yacht Club Ladies Auxiliary holds their Betty Neff Award luncheon. It’s hosted by the daughters and granddaughters of the late Betty Neff, who was instrumental in establishing many things we take for granted today at the Put in Bay Yacht Club. Sally Duffy is this year’s recipient. The Goat Soup and Whiskey have a Christmas in July gift exchange party. Wed., July 26th – Scott and Caroline Jackson’s daughter, Liesl, has a first birthday party at Oak Point.

Thurs., July 27th – A group from the Put in Bay Senior Center heads to Lakeside for a tour of homes there. John Woischke (Put in Bay High School Class of 1965) turns 70. Russ and Lisa Brohl become third-time grandparents with the birth of a granddaughter, Lilah Josephine.

Fri., July 28th – The Joe’s Bar sign at the corner of Meechen and Langram is found to have been spray painted by vandals. The owners are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.

Sat., July 29 – It’s Woody Widmar’s birthday! Boaters awake in the morning after a bit of rocking and rolling all night at the Put-in Bay Docks due to northeast winds. The “Vision 2020” fundraiser is at the Put in Bay Yacht Club. Joe Suttmann is on stage at the Reel Bar with RayFogg, just like in the old days!

Sun., July 30th – What a gorgeous day at Put in Bay. Many boats didn’t make it over on Friday evening or Saturday due to the wind on Lake Erie. The Antique Car Paraders end their parade at the Getaway Inn at Cooper’s Woods for hot dogs and brats. Parade sponsors are Chuck and Katie Scheweinsberg from Fox’s Den.

Mon., July 31st – It’s a busy day at Put in Bays  Perry’s Monument. Rangers celebrate World Ranger Day and co-workers and friends celebrate the retirement of Dan Skoufos at the Brewery in the evening. There’s Trivia Pursuit at the Put in Bay  Senior Center in the evening.


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