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Put-in-Bay Court Cases Steve Korossy Found Guilty!

As we go to press, several Put-in-Bay Court Cases hopefully will be resolved in this new year. The first is the incident that took place at the Put-in-Bay Ferry Dock at Put-in-Bay on Labor Day evening. A fight sent a man to the hospital with severe injuries. His condition left him incapacitated and still under care. Put-in-Bay police turned the investigation over to the Ottawa County Sheriff’s office. Still, a recent mainland news article reports the sheriff has made little progress in finding the responsible person(s).

Former Put-in-Bay Police Chief Ric Lampela was recently acquitted of all charges stemming from his indictment by the State Attorney General Office, but his Put-in-Bay Court Cases to have the administrative decision to fire him from his Put-in-Bay Village police duties reversed is still ongoing. He is waiting for a decision from the judge after closing arguments in his case at the end of November. Let’s hope for the good of the community we never see Ric Lampella again!

Officer Steven Korossy, the Put-in-Bay police officer whose Put-in-Bay Court Case resulted in a guilty finding of misusing the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway (a criminal database), is still waiting to hear if his sentence to 75 days of jail time will be suspended or reduced.

The last Put-in-Bay Court cases involve Put-in-Bay mayor Mack McCann who made USA Today for his first warning and a second citation for driving without a driver’s license. He added a third citation in early December. His day in court for his second citation on November 1st is scheduled for January 20th,  the day Donald Trump will be inaugurated, President.

The civil Put-in-Bay Court cases involving the incident at the Put-in-Bay Resort and Conference Center in September 2013, have still not been settled. The lawsuit involves desk clerks who were arrested by a rouge, undisciplined Put-in-Bay police officer Steve Korossy and later found not guilty of any charges but would apparently like to recoup some of their legal costs.


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