Put-in-Bay Police Department

News and information about actions taken, and the policies of the Put in Bay Police Department, court cases, personnel matters and more. The Put-in-Bay Police provide police services on South Bass Island which encompasses both the Village of Put-in-Bay and the township. Coverage is also provided for Middle Bass Island. The Police Department consists of 3 to 4 full-time officers and in the busy summer season on the Lake Erie Islands, the force grows to over 40 officers. Mayors Court is held on Thursdays in and cases are also handled in Port Clinton by the Municipal Court System.

Put-in-Bay Court Cases

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As we go to press, there are several Put-in-Bay Court Cases which hopefully will be resolved in this new year. The first is the incident which took place at the Put-in-Bay Ferry Dock at Put-in-Bay on Labor Day evening. A fight sent a man to the hospital with severe injuries. His condition left him incapacitated and [...]

Stolen Put-in-Bay Golf Cart

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Put-in-Bay Ohio — A 33-year old man from Sandusky was drunk when he stole a golf cart and then crashed at Put-in-Bay. As a result of the crash, his passenger was severely injured. Michael T. McCombs was charged with Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle, a felony of the 4th degree, aggravated vehicular assault a felony 2nd [...]

Put-in-Bay Police Department

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The Put-in-Bay Police Department has been gearing up for another busy season. We started the hiring process for approximately 25 new Put-in-Bay officers including 11 academy graduates and 14 law enforcement veterans. The philosophy of the department differs a bit from previous administrations. This year, Put-in-Bay Police officers will be in teams of two consisting of [...]

Put-in-Bay Boating

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Coast Guard Information about Put-in-Bay Boating. In last month’s Put-in-Bay Gazette I asked three questions about Put-in-Bay Boating: 1) What is “No Wake” speed? 2) While underway, who on board must wear a life vest? 3) Do you understand the Put-in-Bay Boating buoys and markers in and around Put-in-Bay Ohio? ANSWERS 1) When you pull into [...]

Put-in-Bay News May 2015

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Put-in-Bay News wants to know where did you graduate from Put-in-Bay High School? Was it at the base of the Monument, at the Visitors Center, in the school gym, at the Put-in-Bay Town Hall? There’s been a discussion among graduates about that on the Put-in-Bay Ohio Facebook page recently. If you are interested in taking part [...]

Put-in-Bay Hires Police Chief

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The village of Put-in-Bay Mayor Ruth Scarpelli appointed a 27-year veteran of the Sandusky Police Department, Michael Frank, as interim Put-in-Bay police chief to handle the day-to-day operations of the Put-in-Bay Police Department  until the situation with fired Chief Ric Lampela is resolved. Chief Lampela was indicted on four misdemeanor charges at the end of February. [...]

Put-in-Bay Police Lampella Lawsuit

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Put-in-Bay Police Settle Lampella Lawsuit-In April, Ettore Scassa , 46, a Carrollton, Ohio, man settled an excessive force lawsuit filed against the Put-in-Bay Police Department, the Village of Put-in-Bay and Police Chief Lampela. The case before Judge Heimick was dismissed with prejudice, and with each party to bear their own costs. The details remain confidential on [...]

Put-in-Bay News 2014

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News from 2014 at Put-in-Bay Top News Stories from 2014-Another year on the island has ended. 2014 at Put-in-Bay was filled with events and happenings which make for great soap operas. There was love, danger, good, evil, controversy, fun, tragedy, drama, mystery and more. We won’t go into all the love affairs of this past year, but [...]

Police Lose Court Case

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Judge rules in Police Case about impound lot case-Ottawa County Pleas Court Judge Bruce Winters recently handed down a ruling on a police case involving the impounding of two golf carts belonging to Tim Niese by the Put-in-Bay Police Department. One of Tim’s rental carts was pulled over by police on East Point a couple of seasons [...]

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