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The Put-in-Bay Police Department Gearing Up For Another Busy Season.

We started hiring approximately 25 new Put-in-Bay officers, including 11 academy graduates and 14 law enforcement veterans. The philosophy of the department differs a bit from previous administrations. This year, Put-in-Bay Police officers will be in teams of two: one veteran officer and one new “Rookie” officer. This concept seems to fit our needs well, as for every incident that occurs on the island, a veteran officer with at least three years of experience will be on the scene to help make critical decisions.Put-in-Bay Police Gear Up for season Photo

We have also increased leadership by adding five seasonal corporals who will serve as Put-in-Bay Police supervisors to assist with training and decision-making in the field. We have re-instituted the bike unit. This will consist of two officers on the bikes Friday and Saturday afternoons. The bike unit will be available for calls in the downtown area. Bike patrol is crucial as it allows officers quick access to scenes that patrol cars may not be able to access easily. Also, when police cruisers are on another call, the bike unit can offer immediate assistance until a cruiser is available.

Training week for the new Put-in-Bay Police officers started on Saturday, May 20th, and will end on Friday, May 26th. These officers will be trained in de-escalation techniques, defensive tactics, firearms, Tasers, etc. The goal is to provide the residents and visitors of Put-in-Bay with highly trained police who use a common sense approach to solving the issues that may arise.

Plans call for increased patrols in the township, as we have had residents express the need for increased police presence. Also added to the force is a seasonal detective position. There is no increase in pay, but it allows us to have someone with experience who can help us with investigations.

We have asked for assistance from outside agencies, such as the Ottawa County Sheriff’s office, for several of our busy weekends, including Christmas in July, Memorial Day, Labor  Day Weekend, and the 4th of July. With the increased abuse of heroin throughout Ohio, we have trained and supplied our officers with Narcan. This is administered nasally and reverses the effects of the deadly drug.

We are having “Coffee with a Cop” on Thursday, June 8th, at the Reel Bar. This will be a great way to show support, meet some officers, and voice concerns and ideas. Coffee is on the house. Thanks, Andy! We hope you can make it. On behalf of Chief Riddle, we look forward to serving you. As always, please contact us with concerns or questions by calling the Put-in-Bay Police Department or emailing me directly at dmiller@pibpolice.com


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