Put-in-Bay Sports

Information on sporting events taking place on the island for residents as well as tourists wishing to Visit Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Put-in-Bay Sports include frequent 5K runs, soccer, volleyball and softball tournaments held annually on the island. For additional information on these tournaments please visit the Put-in-Bay Events page for dates and entry information.


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Put-in-Bay Fields Team In IGT Road Racing Series When most people think about Put-in-Bay and Road Racing the annual gathering of the Put-in-Bay Road Races comes to mind. This year, however, it took on another twist as island resident Mark Mathys returned to racing teamed up with Aaron Quinne and Wright Motorsports. Driving a Porsche Factory [...]

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2017 Road Races Put-in-Bay

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The 9th Annual Put-in-Bay 2017 Road Races Reunion held the last week of August can be summed up best by this comment. “It appears the word has gotten out about how cool this event is,“ said a frequent Put-in-Bay Road Races Reunion participant as he drove off the incoming Put-in-Bay Ferry boat onto Ohio’s South Bass [...]

Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races

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2019 Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races The 10th anniversary of the Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races modern-day vintage road racing here at Put-in-Bay continues to grow with new “twists” in a fun-filled and relaxed atmosphere. Beginning with a small “reunion” in 2009, today’s racing and non-racing entrants, as well as spectators, enjoy several days of sports-car enjoyment in [...]

Sports Car Races

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Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races The Put-in-Bay Road Race Historical Society is celebrating our 10th year of honoring the sports car races and intrepid racers of the 1950’s by celebrating the 60th birthday of the iconic Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite and 70 years of Porsche building some of the most desirable sports cars ever conceived. “Bugeye Sprites [...]

Put-in-Bay Road Races

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Put-in-Bay Road Races 2021 Following the cancelation of the 2020 event due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, a large percentage of entrants carried over their registration to 2021. Since then excitement has continued to mount for the Put-in-Bay Road Races Event a fun-filled and relaxed event. Beginning with a small “reunion” in 2009, today’s racing- and non-racing [...]

Put-in-Bay Mossbacks

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A busload of Put-in-Bay School Panther basketball players and carloads of  Put-in-Bay Mossbacks invaded Mackinac Island in Northern Michigan the first weekend of December. The Put-in-Bay Ohio boys and girls teams played the Mackinac Island School Lakers in four exciting games in a tradition going back to 1995 when the two teams first played against each [...]

Ice Fishing Best In Years

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Ice Fishing Best In Years In spite of the frigid temperatures, ice fishermen here at Put-in-Bay were having the most extraordinary Put-in-Bay ice fishing in years. The ice has remained solid; no freeze and thaw or ice in and out like in recent years. Once it came in, it stayed, and the fish were definitely hungry. [...]

Put-in-Bay Basketball Wins

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When it comes to the rivalry between Ohio and Michigan sports teams, Put-in-Bay is not to be left out. In early December, Put-in-Bay’s co-ed Panther Basketball team headed to an island in northern Lake Michigan to play the Beaver Island Community School’s Islanders basketball team. Beaver Island has an enrollment of 69 students, a few less [...]

Put-in-Bay Softball

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It was a beautiful, bright and sunshiny June 11th day perfect for a Put-in-Bay Softball game at Kelly's Island.. Be it by happenstance, dumb luck, or just good old good timing, the 20-something “Mostly Annual Put-in-Bay Softball Trip to Kelleys Island” landed on the 46th anniversary of Scotty Jackson being born. One hundred and eighty-two people [...]

Put-in-Bay Archery

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The Put-in-Bay School Archery Team has qualified for the National Archery in the Schools National Championship in 2011. Qualifying for the National Championship at the high school level is a huge accomplishment for Put-in-Bay School. The Put-in-Bay ‘High School’ team is composed of thirteen elementary students, three middle school students, and only three high school students. [...]

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