Ice Fishing Best In Years

In spite of the frigid temperatures, ice fishermen here at Put-in-Bay were having the most extraordinary Put-in-Bay ice fishing in years.

The ice has remained solid; no freeze and thaw or ice in and out like in recent years. Once it came in, it stayed, and the fish were definitely hungry. Not only was walleye fishing great, but so was the perch fishing. With reports of ice being a foot thick, the few days of above-freezing temperatures didn’t even dent the lake’s ice cover off the West Shore. The only problem was there was a lot of water on the ice for a couple of days.

Photo of Put-in-Bay Ice FishingOne fisherman we talked to complained about throwing his catch outside his shanty onto the ice, only to find the flopping fish had so much water it could swim back under the shanty and slip back into the hole from which it was pulled from the ice. There were so many pictures of big fish on the Internet we lost count, and with the weather forecast looking cold in February, we’re betting will be seeing plenty more big fish caught in the coming weeks.

Ice Fishing Tournament

With the forecast looking good, it sounds like the 3rd Annual Jer-Bear and Kurt Ice Fishing Tournament will raise plenty of money for the scholarship. A registration party will be held at  Topsy Turveys Island Bar & Grill on Friday, Feb. 21st.

Registration is also on Saturday morning between 7 and 9 a.m. It will be $25 to enter. There will be cash prizes for the top two limits of walleye and heaviest walleye. All proceeds go to the scholarship fund. Tippers will be hosting the after fishing party at 7 p.m., so everyone can all warm up. There will be raffles and prizes to give out. Watch for details on Facebook on the “3rd Annual Jer-Bear and Kurt IceFishing Tournament” page. Island business wishing to donate prizes can call 419- 341-2274