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Put-in-Bay Basketball Wins In Interstate Matchup

When it comes to the rivalry between Ohio and Michigan sports teams, Put-in-Bay is not to be left out. In early December, Put-in-Bay’s co-ed Panther Basketball team headed to an island in northern Lake Michigan to play the Beaver Island Community School’s Islanders basketball team. Beaver Island has an enrollment of 69 students, a few less than Put-in-Bay School.Photo of Put-in-Bay Basketball Team

On Monday, December, 5th, the two teams met in their first matchup and our Put-in-Bay team walked away with a victory, 65-46, in what hopefully will be just the first of such matches. The Put-in-Bay team and the team from Mackinac Island have already played against each other several times, both on South Bass Island and Mackinac Island.

The trip to Beaver Island meant a ferryboat to the mainland, a several-hour car ride to the northwest part of lower Michigan, and then a plane ride to Beaver Island, about 30 miles out into Lake Michigan. The team arrived late on Sunday and stayed at the Beaver Island School. The game was played in the late morning, and the team headed back to the mainland shortly after lunch, so they didn’t really get a chance to see a lot of the island.

Reportedly, about 250 spectators filled the stands to watch the game broadcast over the Internet by the Put-in-Bay Panthers’ announcer, Patrick Myers, who provided live play-by-play commentary to accompany a video stream of the game at WPIB.com. At Tipper’s here on Put-in-Bay, Panther fans were able to watch the game on big screen TV thanks to the Internet hookup. If you’d like to see the game, you can find it archived on the Internet at http://www. ustream.tv/recorded/41543592, courtesy of WPIB.com.


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