Put-in-Bay Diary-Wed., Jan. 1st – Cliff Fulton and Christie Ontko have friends in for Bloody Marys in the morning. The upstairs of the Town Hall could have been the poster picture for “what a great New Year’s dance that was.” Those who came to clean up had a job ahead of them.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Thurs., Jan. 2nd – It’s windy and blowing snow. Islanders are hunkered down.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Fri., Jan. 3rd – John and Robin Glauser and two others cross the ice from Middle Bass on ATV’s.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Sat., Jan. 4th – The Put-in-Bay Panther Basketball team hosts Bettsville in a morning game. Some of the island kids are playing ice hockey on the Bay. Ice hockey on Squaw Harbor near Oak Point.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Sun., Jan. 5th – Wet snow in afternoon and evening precedes predicted sub-zero temperatures.

Mon., Jan. 6th – Put-in-Bay School is called off thanks to the Polar Vortex Approaches. The Put-in-Bay Village Council meets, but
there is no school and the scheduled “Chalking the Doors” for Epiphany at St. Paul’s is rescheduled. With the temperature
at about -13 and the wind at 35 miles plus, the windchill is more than 40 degrees below.

Tues., Jan. 7th – As the day begins at midnight, the temperature at the South Bass Island weather station hits -11.7. The normal temperature for Jan. 7th is a high of 32 degrees and a low of 19 degrees. There’s no school again. The fire siren went off about 5:45 p.m. and volunteers rushed to the home of Mary Ann and Berni Meyers to find a lot of smoke damage from their burned out furnace fan. Thankfully, they have a fireplace to huddle in front of. Fireman Mark Wilhelm reports going on a fire call in this cold weather without gloves. Oops! Big mistake!

Wed., Jan. 8th – The first customers from Marblehead to make the crossing by snowmobile are Rob Moore and George A Danchisen. School starts late because the county roads are still at Level Three in the early a.m.

Thurs., Jan. 9th – Students return to school for a full day of classes. There are about twenty-five shanties off the West Shore where there is about eleven inches of ice cover on the lake.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Fri., Jan. 10th – It feels like a heat wave today compared to the last few days. A half dozen plus cross the ice from Marblehead and enjoy a stop at Tipper’s. There are also ice crossers from Catawba on the island. The four newly-elected Put-in-Bay school board members. Billy Market, Dino Uszak, Mike Byrnes and Joy Cooper, are sworn in at the first meeting of 2014.

Sat., Jan. 11th – Cara and Jeff Bast got their 4-wheeler stuck in a huge, knee-deep slush bank. Fortunately, there were helpers around to get them out. They still caught a bunch of perch.

Sun., Jan. 12th – Dustin Heineman is out taking pictures of the beautiful sunset off the West Shore. Sue Thwaite celebrates
her birthday by starting out the evening with friends at Topsey Turvey’s Martini Monday.

Mon., Jan. 13th – The first Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce meeting of 2014 takes place at Tipper’s right after lunch. After
a lull due to the cold and snowy weather, workers are back on the job of renovating the village docks. —

Tues., Jan. 14th – There’s a lot of movement on the ice today as fishermen reposition their shanties. Marie Schroeder lands
a 12 lb. walleye.

Wed., Jan. 15th – The Christmas decorations around the Park Hotel, the Round House and Misty Bay Boutique are taken
down. Thurs., Jan. 16th – At the Boat Show are Eric and Marv Booker from the Boardwalk, Bret Klun from the Keys, Melinda
Myers and Emily Deeks from the Crew’s Nest, Laurie Utterberg from Sunstoppers, and entertainers Westside Steve, Alex Bevan, Mike “Mad Dog” Adams, Pat Dailey and Ray Fogg with his wife, Laura.

Fri., Jan. 17th – The winter Docktrash Party takes place at Mr. Ed’s in Port Clinton. Docktrash is a group of boaters who frequent the Put-in-Bay boating season. The Class of 2014 is holding its Pizza Night to fund their class trip to St. Croix, Antigua, and Martinique in the Caribbean.

Sat., Jan. 18th – The first iceboat is seen in the Bay. Over at J.F. Walleye’s on Middle Bass, John Glauser is the day’s winner of the fishing contest with a 10 lb. 10 oz. walleye. Official contest rules stipulate only one winner per household per week!

Sun., Jan. 19th – Dee Dee Duggan celebrates her birthday with her children, Lyla, Bealy, Doug, and Talii, bringing her breakfast in bed. Afterward, they all go downstairs for kids mimosas with sparkling grape juice.

Mon., Jan. 20th – The tug which was supposed to break the ice and help open the way from Catawba Dock to downtown Put-in-Bay so dock cribs could be delivered for the village dock project has been called off. At the Put-in-Bay School gym, the Put-in-Bay Panthers take on the visiting team from Mt. Gilead.

Tues., Jan. 21st – Liz Knauer is at the Town Hall early to set up the tables for those who meet once a month to do scrapbooking.
Miyo Hristovski drives across the ice from Put-in-Bay to Catawba on his 4-wheeler.

Wed., Jan. 22nd – Wed., Jan 22nd – A trail over the ice from Catawba Island to Put-in-Bay was marked with old Christmas
trees. Macy Ladd with her chauffeur mother, Heidi, is out selling Girl Scout cookies.

Thurs., Jan. 23rd – the Put-in-Bay Village Council meets to discuss revisions to its noise ordinance. There are two ice shanties
in the Bay at the east end of Gibraltar Island. We spotted a truck on the ice in the Bay. Kendra Koehler goes down to the Resale Shop and opens for a bit in the afternoon. The ground is snow-covered and the temperature is 11 degrees. A truckload of Christmas trees and a skid-steer with a plow are delivered to the Miller Boat Line Catawba Dock this afternoon. The cribs needed for the village dock project are on the dock, too.

Fri., Jan. 24th – There are now three ice shanties in Put-in- Bay’s snow and ice covered harbor. Jake Market and Renee Brasher from Miller Boat Line and Mike Steidl from Island Bike & Cart Rental are among those exhibiting at the AAA Great Vacation Expo in Columbus.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Sat., Jan. 25th – There’s combined birthday party for Don Stephens and Bob Ramsbottom at the Stephens home. Don’s 80 years and Bob’s 90 years total 170 years. Ouch! Walter Duff, Jr. and Mysti Karr have a bonfire on the ice in Squaw

Sun., Jan. 26th – The Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Department holds its first pancake fund-raiser breakfast in 2014. Proceeds
help the department buy new turnout gear. There are several dozen snowmobiles from the mainland at Tipper’s.

Mon., Jan. 27th – There are four ice shanties between the Boardwalk and Gibraltar Island. It’s a gorgeous, sunny day. Oops! Forgot to mention the temperature of -1 degree for the low.

Tues., Jan. 28th – Morning low at 7 degrees below zero and a windchill of 30 degrees below zero. No school for Put-in-Bay kids.
Christie Ontko says her Freshwater Retreat has a new furnace that actually blows hot air!!!!

Wed., Jan. 29th – The warm-up is on the way! And to the delight of the island youngsters, school is back in session. TLhiburrasr.,y

Jan. 30th – Lego Club is scheduled at the Put-in-Bay Library

Fri., Jan. 31st – The Jeff Verhoff Scholarship Fundraiser dinner takes place. The Science Olympiad takes place all day at Put-in-Bay School.