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Put-in-Bay Island Diary January 2013

Island Diary-Tues., Jan. 1st – Happy New Year! Put-in-Bay’s seniors enjoyed a free pork and sauerkraut dinner at Tipper’s.

Island Diary-Wed., Jan. 2nd – The bay has an ever-so-thin ice cover. As the water moves, so does the ice.

Island Diary -Thurs., Jan. 3rd – There’s a lot of floating ice all around the islands. George Stoiber heads to the mainland to
shop for a new dress suit for his daughter Kim’s upcoming wedding. Mary McCann (Put-in-Bay High School Class of 1981) and
now an actor living in New York, was on Person of Interest on CBS.

Island Diary-Fri., Jan. 4th – It’s a windy day with a bitter wind. A hot dog party at Tim and Jeanette Luecke’s with hot buttered rum ala Bud Stonerook from North Bass.

Island Diary -Sat., Jan. 5th – The Put-in-Bay Twp. The Port Authority meeting was canceled because there was no quorum. Although there’s ice cover on the lake, several open-water areas remain in Put-in-Bay’s harbor. Bud and Ruth Stonerook spot four
eagles on North Bass.

Island Diary January 2013 -Sun., Jan. 6th – Paul and Gaye Pippert Ladd and their two sons, Casey and Ian, arrive home after spending the
holidays in Florida, where they spent time in St. Augustine, Universal Studios in Orlando, Ft, Lauderdale, and the Florida Keys.

Island Diary January 2013 Sun., Jan. 6th – Lee Krendl flies over the lake and reports the lake is 90% ice-free around the islands. So much for early winter ice fishing!

Island Diary January 2013 Mon., Jan. 7th – During the public participation portion of the Village Council meeting, there is a discussion about the “Twelve Days of Christmas in July” scheduled for this season. The last ferry boat of the season left Kelleys Island. There’s a Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Dept. meeting at the station.

Island Diary January 2013 Tues., Jan. 8th – Dustin Hayes Heineman and Edward Heineman presented Lisa Brohl from the Put-in-Bay Township Park District with a check for the sale of LEWS (Lake Erie Islands Watersnake) Noiret. Thanks to the Heineman for their support.

Island Diary-Wed., Jan. 9th – Mike Pustai and Jeremy Roach are busy taking down the Christmas decorations at the Boardwalk.

Thursday, Jan. 10th – Ken Fox is busy removing the last remnants of Chris Brubaker’s cottage at the end of Bath St., The new owner will build a new cottage there. Dave Washstock, Steve Poe, and Scott Pugh enjoy some racketball at the Crew’s Nest Fitness Center.

Fri., Jan. 11th – There’s nothing like a mid-January rain to prevent ice from forming. Matt Miller is out doing short-ed yard work, and DJ Parker is seen walking down the street in shorts.

Sat., Jan. 12th – The Put-in-Bay School Panther basketball players defeat Elyria First Baptist by scoring 54- 42! Panthers improve to 8-1
on the season! The Junior High team wins 30-25! Mark Wilhelm takes his little outboard for a ride in the bay. The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club has its Winter Doldrums Party at the Holiday Inn Express on Catawba. Sue and Don Thwaite host a dinner party for friends and celebrate Geno Kindt’s birthday.

Sun., Jan. 13th – Rain after midnight, with peak temperature on the island reaching 57 degrees at 4 a.m., then falling 20 degrees in the next twelve hours. Kendra Koehler, Marc Nemec, Linda Parker, and Rudy Rence are among those at the Resale Shop in the afternoon.

Mon., Jan. 14th – Amy Huston spots a coyote about 50 feet away from her here on
the island.

Island Diary-Tues., Jan. 15th – Connie Drake walked her dog, Sufi, along with the West Shore and didn’t see any ice in the lake!

Wed., Jan. 16th – Joe Kostura brings a vanity over on the airboat for Rob LaPlante.

Thurs., Jan. 17th – This is the day when the average daily temperature is at its lowest for the winter on the island and gradually starts going back up. Justine Bianchi celebrates her 91st birthday.

Fri., Jan. 18th – There’s a very thin layer of ice over the harbor in the AM. The Put-in-Bay Panther Basketball team cruises to a 45-30 win while playing in Oregon, OH! 9-1 on the season! Bud Stonerook from North Bass catches the mail plane to “germland.” With all the flu reportedly going around on the mainland, we know exactly what he means.

Sat., Jan. 19th – Karina Kowalski, Zoly Urge and Anna Rence, and Elliot “Boomer” Kowalski are competing in the Ohio Quiz Bowl &
Academic Challenge’s Winter War 2 at The Ohio State University.

Sun., Jan. 20th – We felt something like a mild earthquake on the island this AM. Turns out it wasn’t a quake but Marsha Parker’s 60th birthday. Dee Dee Duggan, Put-in-Bay High School, Class of 1984, visits her cousin, Tanya Burgess Bender, in Columbus while there to work the AAA Travel Expo. Walt Duff, Jr., Mysti Karr, and her two children, Melody and Eliza, explore Alligator Reef and Buckeye Island while the wind blows out the water.

Mon., Jan. 21st – There is fire training going on at the Put-in-Bay Vol. Fire Dept. There are snow showers and wind with falling temperatures. Topsy Turvey is open for the ladies who enjoy their Martini Mondays. Bob Gatewood is in Ft. Lauderdale, entertaining at the famous Elbow Room.

Tues., Jan. 22nd – Island ice fishermen wake up to find ice on the lake as far as the eye can see. Ray Kowalski reports waking up to a temperature of 2 degrees at his home in East Point.

Tues., Jan. 22nd – The program “Chasing Classic Cars” airs its episode filmed on the island last fall during the road races. It’s called “The Birthday Present.”

Wed., Jan. 23rd – Cathy van Liere spots a coyote on the ice in front of her house on the water by the Put-in-Bay Airport. It’s headed towards Don and Sue Thwaite’s house. The Crew’s Nest crew is busy getting de-icing bubblers working on their docks. Valerie Mettler spots the eagle in its nest at Pinky’s Pond.

Wed., Jan. 23rd – Two ice shanties are off the State Park Dock. Less than 48 hours ago, it was all open water! It’s deadline day for the
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church newsletter.

Thurs., Jan. 24th – What a great sunny day. Ice on the lake is covered with bright white snow, and the sky is a beautiful blue. There are still Christmas decorations up in parts of town. A rumor is going around the island that John Ladd will keep his up through the Twelve Days of Christmas in July. We can’t confirm it, however.

Fri., Jan. 25th – It’s one of those days when the newly fallen snow on the ice-covered lake blends right into the sky on the horizon. John Glauser crossed to Put-in-Bay over the ice from Middle Bass.

Sat., Jan. 26th – A jeep went through the ice on Pinky’s Pond early on Saturday. This is undoubtedly a first; three islanders now have an exciting winter-on-the-island story to tell. Dale Burris, Robert Courtney, Bud Stonerook, and Dale Stonerook make their way from North Bass over the ice on 4-wheelers to South Bass. The Put-in-Bay Panther Basketball Panthers finish Carey 66-54! Great game by the Panthers as they battle back from being down at the half!

Sun., Jan. 27th – There was an excellent turnout at the Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Department pancake breakfast at the station. With much help from the volunteers, Chef John cooking blueberry pancakes, and Dan Skoufos making those reflective house numbers, the breakfast was a big success! Thanks to all who made the fundraiser event so enjoyable.

It’s a winter wonderland on the island. Kids are skating and playing ice hockey between the city docks, Chris Ladd is getting the ice boats ready at the downtown ramp, a pretty good group is on the ice off the old ramp, and Chris Cooper is helping Joey Wolf with computer issues in the township office.

Mon., Jan. 28th – Rain and temps above 32 degrees have caused the beautiful white snow cover on the ice to disappear, leaving a watery gray surface on top. The Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Department answers a call at the Put-in-Bay Resort and Conference Center Villas when a fire suppression system pipe cracks and sets off alarms.

Tues., Jan. 29th – Rich and Patrick Myers are busy remodeling the inside of the Crew’s Nest. The temperature on the island hits 50 degrees. Ice fishermen hope the rain and water on the ice won’t hurt it too much until another hard freeze comes.

Wed., Jan. 30th – It’s 61 degrees at 3 a.m. The ice has blown out off the east side of South Bass Island, and where fishermen were enjoying time on the ice just a few days before, there is nothing but open water and rotten ice. There’s even one lone hut about 300 yards off the old ramp, which the owner didn’t retrieve. There’s lots of open water off Peach Point and in the Bay west of Alligator Reef. There’s not even a bit of solid water in Pinky’s Pond. It looks like the ice fishermen will have to start all over again when it comes to ice fishing season.

Thurs., Jan. 31st- Temperatures plunged overnight. This issue of the Put-in-Bay Gazette is printed in Sandusky. Tomorrow is February 1st, and the sun is as high as it is on Veteran’s Day in Nov.


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