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Put-in-Bay Diary May 2015 What You May Have Missed!

Diary May 2015 -Wed., Apr. 1st – Mayor Ruth Scarpelli appoints interim police chief to replace Chief Ric Lampela while he remains on administrative leave. The Junior/Senior Class Trip to Hawaii begins, and the others in school get their report cards

Diary May 2015 -Thurs., Apr. 2nd – Miller Boat Line begins ferry service for 2015. Service was originally scheduled to begin back on March 19th. Luella and Larry from Portsmouth Ave. are among the first to return to the island after spending the winter in Florida. The Catawba Dock is crowded with those waiting to get to the island. There’s a student council meeting at Put-in-Bay School.

Diary May 2015 – Fri., Apr. 3rd – There are still chunks of ice in the Bay, but they are few and far between. You can see the ice floes heading east in front of Lonz Winery. School is dismissed for Spring Break.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Sat., Apr. 4th – The annual Easter Egg Hunt occurs at Perry’s Cave. The temperature is cool, but that doesn’t stop the little ones from collecting hundreds of brightly colored eggs, eating treats and cookies, and getting prizes after the Easter Bunny arrives on one of the island fire trucks. The Put-in-Bay Recreation Committee sponsors this event.

Spring is definitely here even with a few ice pieces remaining. There are lots of turkey vultures all over the islands as they migrate through. Tree swallows and Bonaparte’s gulls have arrived at the Scheeff East Point Preserve, and eastern phoebes and chipping sparrows are back. Wild leeks are pushing up through the Jane Coates Wildflower Trail leaf litter! Get out and take a walk this Easter weekend!

Put-in-Bay Diary -Sun., Apr. 5th – St. Paul’s has its sunrise service despite it being a bit chilly and windy. There is still a bit of ice in the bay around the docks. Linda and Dave Frederick on the West Shore counted ten deer grazing in their yard. Mark Mathys Put-in-Bay returns to the island and informs us he has a large group that will be at the Put-in-Bay Resorts & Conference Center next weekend.

Mon., Apr. 6th – A few chunks of ice are still floating in the lake. The monthly Council workshop meeting is canceled. The old post office building on Erie Street is torn down. Kevin Dailey has dinner at Tippers. The Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce welcomed Lynne James to work today with a mop and a big bucket of soapy water for the office lobby.

Tues., Apr. 7th – Rain in the morning. Strong easterly winds in the afternoon cause the cancellation of the late ferry trips.

Wed., Apr. 8th – Miyo Hristovski is outside in the Adventure Bay parking lot inspecting a post that must have been hit and broken by someone sliding off the edge of the road this winter.

Thurs., Apr. 9th – Rain and ground-hugging fog make for some really unique views of the island for those crossing from Catawba to South Bass on the ferry in the afternoon. There’s a tornado warning sounded in the evening.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Fri., Apr. 10th – Ferry service to Middle Bass starts. There’s a friendly crowd at the annual opening night Pizza Buffet at Frosty’s. Cameo Pizza also opens for the season. There will obviously be no shortage of pizza on the island starting now for the season.

Diary May 2015 -Sat., Apr. 11th – The Put-in-Bay Resale Shop opens. Shuttle Bus service on weekends between the Lime Kiln Dock and downtown until May 1st, when service starts daily. There’s a baby shower for Jenny Fuchs and Steve Stapleton on the front lawn of the Put-in-Bay Winery. Emma Michael has a birthday party with her best friends.

Diary May 2015 -Sun., Apr. 12th – Miller Ferry Schedule Released & Ferry Line initiates a new passenger policy. Travelers on the ferry boats will have to keep alcoholic beverages sealed while on board. Signs are posted on the ferries, so there should be no confusion about the new regulation.

Diary May 2015 – It’s a summer-like warm day. The Put-in-Bay Village Council meets and approves the purchase of body cameras for its police officers. Ty Winchester presides over his last meeting as president of the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce at a luncheon at Pasquale’s Cafe. This is an update on the Chamber’s activities and events, including the new Put-in-Bay Maritime Celebration. The Put In Bay Girl Scouts sells Girl Scout Cookies at the Island General Store in the late afternoon. The Wine Club holds an important meeting at the Put-in-Bay Winery at the Doller Estate.

Diary May 2015 Tues., Apr. 14th – Who would have thought a Tuesday in mid-April would be so busy? A large fiberglass swimming pool shell is transported to the island on the Miller Ferry. The Put-in-Bay Arts Council has a “meet & greet” reception at the Senior Center in the evening to promote what it does and can do to bring art events to the islands. Gary Kowalski makes his first fuel trip from the island to the mainland in Cantankerus. He sounds the horn for his grandson, Beckett, who is watching from the State Park. The Put-in-Bay School Board holds its monthly meeting at the school.

Diary May 2015 Wed., Apr. 15th – Many island business people attend the GFS Food Show at the I-X Center in Cleveland. There’s a late-night ferry back to Put-in-Bay after dark. Charter captain Bruce Ruthsatz puts his boat, I-lander, in the water for the season.

Thurs., Apr. 16th – The De Rivera Park Dock (BDock) opens for the summer season.

Fri. Apr 17th – The finger docks at the Village C-Dock just west of the Jet Express Dock are in place after being disconnected from the main dock for the winter. It appears they weathered their first winter in the water well.

Diary May 2015 Sat., Apr. 18th – The lot at the corner of Concord and Langram is being cleared. The PJ Party takes place at Mr. Ed’s. You might have noticed the water’s clarity if you were downtown around the docks. You could see the lake bottom in some spots. The Island Girl Scouts had a sleepover at the Columbus Zoo.

Diary May 2015 Sun., Apr. 19th – The weather turns sour with heavy winds out of the east. The ferries run as fast as they can, or “running wild,” as Billy Market puts it, to get everyone off the island. Some passengers get a rare trip between Miller’s downtown dock to Catawba. Capt. Jake Dunfee and his crew from Rescue Marine were on the scene of a bass boat that capsized between Victory Point and Rattlesnake Island.

A Good Samaritan pulled the guys out of the water and took them to safety from the frigid spring lake water, but there’s a report of one fisherman being airlifted to the hospital. Jake tows the bass boat back to the mainland in the turbulent lake. Walleye is king, they say. It must be because Dale Burris reports nine fishing boats between North Bass and Middle Bass.

Mon., Apr. 20th – Scott Market is advertising Free baby chicks 1 1/2 weeks old on the Put-in-Bay Locals Garage Sale site on Facebook. Mossbacks and Goat waitress Mariah Loud arrives on the island for the summer season.

Tues., Apr. 21st – It’s a rough ride on the lake seas today. The Middle Bass ferry has to run to the east of South Bass on its way to Catawba, plus the ferry to Put-in-Bay underloads cars due to heavy waves over the decks. South Bass Island’s lighthouse weather station logged a peak gust of 39 knots for the afternoon at 3 pm. The 8:45 p.m. reading was WSW winds of 46 knots (52.9 mph).

Wed., Apr. 22nd – The wind blows over 30 knots at noon, and the temperature is 41 degrees. That equates to a windchill factor of 29 degrees; ouch! On Earth Day at the Jane Coates Wildlife Trail, volunteers have a work day cleaning up and mulching. There are scholarship interviews for the two Put-in-Bay High School seniors after lunch. There’s an Earth Night event at the Cooper home on East Point. Gene Zajac was there with his telescopes and knowledge about the night sky. McKenna Stacy celebrates their first decade birthday. The Coast Guard boat that sets channel marking buoys in the spring enters the harbor about dinner time. Did you see the snowflakes falling?

Thurs., Apr. 23rd – The channel marker buoys are in the water between the Boardwalk and Miller’s downtown dock. The monthly 60+ Clinic takes place at the Put-in-Bay Senior Center. Jimbo from the Goat arrives on the island for the season after driving in from Colorado. He falls asleep while texting on his phone after dinner with friends and coworkers at a dinner party at the Chapman Rd. home of Scott and Caroline Jackson.

Fri., Apr. 24th – The Village Tree Commission celebrates Arbor Day by planting two red maples in the downtown park late afternoon. Ryan Stoiber, Kim Morrisson, and the staff at Frosty’s are sampling new pizza creations for the 2015 season. The Brewery opens for the 2015 season.

Sat., Apr. 25th – Social gadabout and crack Put-in-Bay Gazette columnist Gordon Barr from Middle Bass is seen at the Round House with business associates and later at Topsy Turvey’s with Cliff Fulton and another Put-in-Bay Gazette columnist, and Cliff’s bride, Christie. Jim and Maria Wehrheim from Fox’s Den were among those enjoying the enlightening bar conversation.

Diary May 2015 Sun., Apr. 26th – There’s an Earth Week Wildflower Walk at the Jane Coates Wildflower Trail in the afternoon. The wildflowers are just beautiful along the trail, and spring is here. Nancy Welter and Tom Bartlett are banding birds at the Middle Bass-East Point Preserve. An American Robin is their first bird of the day! Helpers include young Ian and Caden Gable.

Diary May 2015 Mon., Apr. 27th Things are hopping around town as everyone prepares for the 2015 season. On the West Shore, the octagon home built by Ed Isaly years ago is being taken down by owners Fritz and Pam Rudolph. Dale Burris and Bud Stonerook from North Bass are on the mainland buying a new pump for Bud’s well. Lynne James at the Put-in-Bay Vistors & Convention Bureau gets a call from someone asking if the Monument is moving. The Joe’s Darn Good Food building is getting a new awning put on it.

Tues., Apr. 28t- Amanda Goaziou is busy at the Candy Bar pricing candy. Aaron Green-Hill and Sue Thwaite plant more
seeds for their garden.

Diary May 2015 -Wed., Apr. 29th – It’s one of those mornings when the water in the lake is so flat the color of the sky and of the water are indistinguishable. There’s a fundraiser for Will’s Playground at Mossbacks.

Diary May 2015 Thurs., Apr. 30th – The May issue of the Put-in-Bay Gazette is printed in Sandusky. Have you gotten your copy yet?

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