Put-in-Bay School News

This category contains archived stories about the Put-in-Bay’s School News including information on sporting events, school schedules, and special events. The Put-in-Bay school serves South Bass Island as well as Middle Bass Island and has grades K-12. School News archives date back as far as 20 years and many of these stories were provided by Put-in-Bay News monthly publication the Gazette, the Lake Eries Islands largest newspaper.

Put-in-Bay High School Alumni

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At the 2012 Put-in-Bay High School Alumni Banquet, three members of the Class of 1987 and two members of the Class of 1989 volunteered to become officers of the Put-in-Bay High School Alumni Association. Among other duties, planning and producing the 2013 and 2014 alumni banquets are the officers’ main responsibilities. Read on for a glimpse [...]

Put-in-Bay Donations

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During the month of November, many men quit shaving to raise donations for Prostate Cancer Awareness. Here at Put-in-Bay School, teachers Craig Schuffenecker, Paul Genzman, and Dan Kowalski went one step further. Collectively, they raised over $1,500 in donations for the Prostate Cancer Foundation by committing to not shave for the entire month and challenging their [...]

Put In Bay School News May 2012

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Put in Bay School News - For our students involved in extra-curricular activities, Dr. Brett Kuns will once again be offering free physical examinations. The date for physical exams is Thursday, May 3rd. A schedule and forms were sent home prior to this date for parents to complete. It is hard to believe we are preparing [...]

Put-in-Bay Archery

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The Put-in-Bay School Archery Team has qualified for the National Archery in the Schools National Championship in 2011. Qualifying for the National Championship at the high school level is a huge accomplishment for Put-in-Bay School. The Put-in-Bay ‘High School’ team is composed of thirteen elementary students, three middle school students, and only three high school students. [...]

Put-in-Bay School News January 2011

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Put-in-Bay School News January 2011 Parent/Teacher Conferences- Teachers look forward to meeting with each student’s parents on Wednesday, February 2nd or February 9th. Parent / Teacher Conferences are from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. Parents may call the school to confirm their appointment. Senior Parent Meeting- School officials will be meeting with seniors and their parents on [...]

Put-in-Bay Exchange Student

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This school year, Put-Bay High School has an exchange student from Germany. She’s 15-year-old 10th grader Anna Stilla from across the Atlantic Sea in Cologne, Germany. Anna’s parents, Petra and Angelo, both professional people working in the banking business, encouraged Anna to attend school in the U.S. so she could improve her English which she has [...]

Put-in-Bay News January 2011

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Put-in-Bay News for this month begins with an all-new advertisement for Erie Islands Petroleum for the new reduced hours the gas station will be open. Gary Kowalski says a very large percentage of those wanting gas came the new open hours, so it shouldn’t really be much of an inconvenience for gas customers. Put-in-Bay Village Councilman [...]

Put-in-Bay Basketball

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The first weekend of December more than 100 people from Put-in-Bay arrived on Mackinac Island in Northern Michigan for a couple of days of high school basketball, archery competition, and wonderful fun. The visit was a return match with the Mackinac Island Laker basketball team that came to Put-in-Bay in December 2009. The Lakers were victorious [...]

School News Put-in-Bay December 2010

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Sports-Coach Craig Schuffenecker’s Put-in-Bay School Boys basketball team has started a very successful 2010-11 campaign. The boys were 5 - 1 as of December 20th. Sophomore Shawn Seaberg attributes the team’s success to “hard work, post play, and team rapport.” Senior Brian Thwaite leads the team in scoring with 11.6 points per game and Sophomore Wyatt [...]

Put-in-Bay Basketball

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I ‘m closet sports basketball junkie. I can hide my need for sports action pretty well most of the time. But the Olympics are like a two-week endless buffet for sports fans like me. From opening ceremony to the last medal it doesn’t’ get much better than that. I know I have things to do, but [...]

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