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Put-in-Bay School’s March Elementary Student of the Month was 4th grader Peyton Gilhart who was nominated by a teacher and a student. The teacher wrote, “This student has done a remarkable job improving her study skills. She started the year forgetting assignments, losing papers, and turning things in late. Her adjustment to a new school was also challenging.

But once we put a contract into place, she was on track to being one of the top students! In addition, this young lady recently placed second at the state archery championships, participates in community theatre, and Girl Scouts. Her willingness to help others is to be commended, as well. I highly recommend this student for her efforts towards self-improvement, her active role in school and community,and, most importantly, her positive attitude and warm smile.”

Put-in-Bay School News Photo

Put-in-Bay School Students of the Month for March were
Peyton Gilhart and Max Leicher.

A fellow student wrote,“This classmate has been trying to adjust to her new school. She used to have homework every night, butnow gets her work done in school and on time. She is also very funny and makes me laugh, even on a bad day. She has a smile for everyone and doesn’t have a frown for anyone.”

March’s High School Student of the Month was senior Max Leicher who was nominated by two teachers The first teacher wrote, “Over his three years at Put-in-Bay School, this senior has developed into an effective leader. He is a student who younger kids can lookup to as a solid role model. If there is a task or job to be done, this student is right there to ask if he can help.

He is one of the hardest working students we have had in recent years. This young man will come early or stay late to get the job done right! As the Panther mascot at athletic events, he has also been a leader of school spirit. He missed, but we know he will represent Put-in-Bay well in college.

” A second teacher wrote about Max, “This student is one of the most hardworking, diligent, respectful and good-natured students I have had the experience of teaching. He is inquisitive and does not hesitate to participate in class. He completes his work thoroughly and on time; he is responsible and strives for perfection. And although he is an ‘upperclassman,’ he takes time to talk to the younger students. This student has truly grown in his three years here and has made positive difference for many.

March went by quickly as our students were very busy with things such as the Verhoff Scholarship Dinner, overnight school lock in,murder mystery, talent show, bake sales, brunches, archery matches and community service. In March, Put-in-Bay School joined more than 25,000 schools nationwide in the Pennies for Patients “Penny War” community service program.

This program, founded in 1994, donates all of the money collected to individuals who are diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and melanoma. Our students raise an average of $500 each year for this worthy cause. Our PTA recognized the Put-in-Bay School staff fortheir hard work and dedication by hosting a staff recognition breakfast on March 17th. We would like to express our appreciation to the PTA for all the work they do to support Put-in-Bay School.

Our seventh and eighth grade academic challenge teams fared well at the Ottawa County Academic Challenge meet, both finishing in second place. This is quite an accomplishment when you consider we only have two eighth graders (Gunnar Auger and Elliot Kowalksi) and three seventh graders (Meredith Engel, Jessica Krueger, and Ian Pippert-Ladd) and we compete against schools who can select their top competitors from a pool of 50 – 100 students. Good job, kids!

Congratulations to seniors Janine Cerny and Patrick McCann. Both will be honored at the Annual Ottawa County Top Ten Banquet on April 13th. This event recognizes the academic accomplishments of the top seniors in Ottawa County. Janine is the daughter of Joe and Carol Cerny, and Patrick is the son of Michael and Anita McCann owners of local Put-in-Bay Bars

We will release school at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20th and return from Spring Break and resume school on Tuesday the 26th.


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