Though it is summer there is still school news! Many of our students are taking advantage of learning opportunities outside the school calendar year. Mrs. Jane Ruthsatz is teaching elementary students in summer school for six weeks; high school students are taking science classes at the OSU Stone Lab; juniors Meredith Engel and Jessica Krueger attended the Hugh O’Brian Leadership Seminar, and senior Elliot Kowalski spent a week at Buckeye Boys’ State.

In addition, our elementary teachers issued reading assignments and/or packets of materials for their students to complete before we return to school on August 28th. Learning doesn’t take a summer break for our students!

In other school news, graduation last month was a memorable one as we were able to conduct the ceremony on the plaza of the Perry Victory and International Peace Memorial. Thanks to Blanca Stransky and the monument staff for providing such a beautiful venue. We also want to thank our scholarship donors for providing nearly $30,000 in local scholarships for our graduates. Here is a list of the six seniors going to college and the scholarships they received: Casey Pippert-Ladd – Acorn Sportsman Club Scholarship, Cameo Pizza Scholarship, Mayor’s Scholarship and Jack Matia Scholarship; Anna Rence – Browns Backers Scholarship and Heineman Memorial Scholarship; Victoria Wertenbach – Croghan Colonial Bank Scholarship, Fitzgerald Family Scholarship and Jeffery Verhoff Memorial Scholarship; Cody Porche – Browns Backers Scholarship and Lee Miller Scholarship; Madeline Pugh – Magruder Hospital Scholarship, Ricky Dysert Memorial Scholarship, Mayor John W. Blatt Scholarship, Jeremy Harlan/Kurt Rohrbacher Scholarship and Market Family Scholarship; Zoltan Urge – Earl Johnson Scholarship, North Point Scholarship, Franklin B. Walter Scholarship and Lonz Foundation Scholarship.

Long-time high school science teacher Paul Genzman and his wife, first-grade teacher Lianne Genzman, are leaving Put-in-Bay and moving to Toledo. Both have accepted teaching positions in the Toledo area. We will truly miss them and want to wish them the best of luck. They will also be taking four of our students, sons Henry, Jack, Finn, and Leif. Those boys will be missed, too!

Summer is a time for completing a long “to-do list” of maintenance projects. On the list this year: replacing old windows; installing a heating/A.C. Unit in three rooms; cleaning ceiling fans and vents in the gymnasium; installing roof guards on the gym roof; replacing all gym lights with new LED lights; replacing and repairing the playground fence and gate; replacing cracked floor tiles; adding cupboards and shelving for storage; replacing music room door with a double wide door; spraying for insects and spiders; waxing all tile floors; cleaning all windows inside and outside; cleaning all carpets, rugs, and runners; and painting hallways and classrooms.

Parents should have received two school newsletters with school explaining two policy changes for next year. Our school attendance/ vacation policy was adjusted to encourage families to use the vacation breaks scheduled on the school calendar and limit absences for non-medical reasons. In the other policy change, our school implemented a drug-screening program for students participating in athletics, cheerleading, and driving to school. Parents are encouraged to review these new policies with their children and call the school if there are any questions.