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Archery Team Puts Island On The Map!

The Put-in-Bay School Archery Team qualified for the National Archery in the Schools National Championship in 2011. Preparing for the National Championship at the high school level is a massive accomplishment for Put-in-Bay School. The Put-in-Bay ‘High School’ team is composed of thirteen elementary students, three middle school students, and only three high school students.

Put-in-Bay is the only school in the United States ever to qualify for the national championship at the high school level, with elementary and middle school students on the team. The team has now accomplished this three years in a row. The team finished 14th in the Ohio State Archery Championship held on Friday, March 4th. Put-in-Bay School outscored 30 other teams at the tournament.

The top finisher for the Put-in-Bay team was Peyton Gilhart. Peyton shot a 249 and finished 2nd in Ohio for 4th-grade girls. Peyton has only been participating in archery for five months. The top scorer for the Put-in-Bay team was Meredith Engel, with a 267. Meredith finished 9th in the state of Ohio for middle school girls. Chase Gilhart, also new to the team, finished 10th in the
state of Ohio for 5th-grade boys with a 251.

Archery Team Sets New Marks

Over one-half of the team shot new personal bests at the tournament. These team members were Emily Schanz, Meredith Engel, Peyton Gilhart, Tom Chrysler, Chase Gilhart, Willow Lipke-Benn, Erin Urge, Gwena Market, Jack Booker, and Max Schneider.

Coach Susan Harrington recently confirmed the team would have a Skype archery tournament with a school in South Africa. It’s had Skype archery tournaments with schools in Ohio, but this will be the team’s first international tournament. Harrington is also working on a match with schools in New Zealand.

It is an excellent opportunity to compete against other countries but an even more fantastic opportunity to meet new kids and learn about their culture.


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