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Put-in-Bay School News March 2017 Did You Miss This?

Put-in-Bay School News March 2017 Put-in-Bay Basketball had another successful season with a group of hardworking kids. The season started great with a trip to Mackinac Island! We are grateful to the people of Mackinac for the hospitality they showed us.

The Panthers finished with a 3-1 record at Mackinac and brought the “The Rock” trophy home. Renew the Mackinac Rivalry a few years from now when they will come and stay at Put-in-Bay Hotels and play here. The high school team finished the season with an overall record of 8-10. The group performed in every game and fought hard. Captains Carter Pugh, Erin Urge, and Tom Chrysler were the team leaders. The rest of the team consisted of Ericson Booker, Tyler King, Matthew Luecke, Sophia Schroeder, Justin Wilhelm, Max Schneider, Jack Booker, Hannah Lentz, Cecilia Glauser, and Alexandra Knauer.

Put-in-Bay School also fielded a junior high squad this season, and they, too, enjoyed much success. Blake Booker led the team with fellow 8th graders Talii Steidl, Nora Ladd, and Elena Schroeder. Seventh graders Kate Byrnes, Max Hristovski, and Jacob King joined the squad. They finished the year with three wins and three losses. Coach Schuffenecker wants to thank everyone who attended the games and cheered us on! GO PANTHERS!!!

In other Put-in-Bay School News, Our primary elementary students celebrated ‘100 days of school’ on February 1st. They enjoyed many fun activities, like bringing in 100 items and dressing like a hundred-year-old! This has always been one of our youngsters’ most fun days in school. At the beginning of February, Miss Casserlie’s fourth and fifth-grade students placed third in the“Academics International Multiplication Contest.”

During this 18-hour period, over 20,000 students in grades K-6 competed from schools across the United States and countries worldwide, including France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Norway. Due to Miss Casserlie’s small class size, the students competed against over 180 schools in their division. These ten students included Ava Heineman, Lyla Steidl, Elora Hubner, Richie Scarpelli, and Madison Koebel. April Baca-Regalado, Ella Kostura, Joseph Blumensaadt, Emil Michael, Hope Cooks, and teacher Ms. Shannon Casserlie.

Since these students placed third, they won a one-year “Arcademics” subscription worth over $200 and a $50 gift card to Papa John’s for a pizza party. “Arcademics” is a website containing educational video games that enhance one’s proficiencies in the areas of math, language arts, vocabulary, geography, and thinking skills for learners in grades K-6.

According to Put-in-Bay School News sources, the Put-in-Bay Science Fair was a smashing success again this year. Fourteen esteemed judges from various science and engineering backgrounds took time out of their busy schedules to score students in grades 7-12. Sophia Schroeder was awarded first place with her project about the effects of microfibers on invertebrate organisms, Tatyana Kowalski received second place with her project on methods of desalination, and Alexandra Knauer received third place for her study on the effects of plants on Martian atmospheric conditions.

These three ladies will head to the Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium in March to present their projects. Congratulations on all of your hard work, ladies! Students in grades 4-6 also gave their science projects to the Put-in-Bay public this year and received a lot of constructive feedback, they all thought they did a fantastic job! The remainder of the day was spent with students participating in various Put-in-Bay School science-themed activities. The overall point winner for the High School Science Olympiad was Max Schneider, who was awarded the prestigious “Newton Cup.”

The day was wrapped up with a friendly Pinewood Derby competition between students and community members. First place in the school division went to Jack Booker. Bragging rights for the community division go to Barb Cooper, who beat out all the men in her family. Way to go, Barb! Last but certainly not least, the Put-in-Bay School would like to thank Ms. Jami Polston, manager at the Blu Luna restaurant, for her generous donation to the Panther Pride Program.

This program encourages students to complete community service. Jami wanted to ‘give back’ to the school, so she donated all her tips from a weekend day/evening. Thank you for supporting Put-in-Bay School programs, Jami!!


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